Gigi Hadid gave birth to her baby four months ago, but her and baby daddy Zayn Malik were very protective of their daughter’s identity, only releasing disguised photos of her. But on Friday, instead of making an announcement of their child’s name, Hadid updated her Instagram bio, writing: “khai’s mom.”


But what we want to know: Does she smoke weed?

Hadid has been pretty quiet regarding her involvement with marijuana. One of the most incriminating pieces of evidence is a photo of her walking around with a weed pendant. So, you know, not very conclusive.

The one who speaks up most about cannabis tends to be Zayn. While talking with the Evening Standard back in 2016, Zayn explained that he and Hadid were living together and that smoking marijuana helped him stay creative.

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“Weed is also a part of my life for certain things,” he said. “I find it helps me be creative. Some people say it kills your ambition, some people say it destroys your personality. Personally I haven’t had any of them experiences yet.”

The one other connection between Hadid and weed was when she attended a cannabis jewelry launch in 2016. The event, which was held in Beverly Hills, was meant to encourage conversation regarding weed. Among the guests in attendance were Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hadid was spotted browsing vape pens and marijuana themed outfits.

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While we can’t definitively say that Hadid smokes weed, we can make an educated guess and say that she definitely doesn’t mind it.

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