GameStop’s unexpected rise in stock value is unprecedented, a story that’s continuing to evolve and shock anyone who’s keeping up with it (even those of us who aren’t quite sure what’s going on).

It all started when a group of Reddit users decided to play the market, pushing the value of GameStop, a video game store that, like many other businesses, has been struggling to keep up with the pandemic (and the current digital gaming landscape, in general).

The activity in these stocks was such that financial companies like Robinhood and Interactive Brokers got involved this morning, restricting access to GameStop stocks and causing it to plummet, prompting politicians to comment on this situation, discussing how problematic it is for institutions to regulate who can and can’t invest in stocks.

Before that, though, there were many memes, touching upon the strangeness of the situation and just how freaking complicated stocks are. Here are some of our favorites:

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