The more you use cannabis, the more likely it is for you to develop a tolerance for it. As with many substances, cannabis tolerance occurs naturally, with your body getting used to weed and reducing its response to it. While this reduces problems like bad highs, wild munchies, and bouts of paranoia, it also produces a new set of problems.

Fortunately, marijuana tolerance is a simple enough problem to deal with. Tolerance breaks are popular for a reason, and by taking a break from cannabis for a couple of weeks, your body will be experiencing a stronger and revitalized response to the drug.

Here are three problems with developing a high THC tolerance:

Less therapeutic effect

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Developing a high tolerance for cannabis means that you won’t get as high as you used to. For everyday users, this is a bummer, but for people who use cannabis for therapeutic or relief purposes, it’s a bigger problem. Keeping track of how often and how much weed you consume is important for managing this. It also helps to consume cannabis in different forms, different strains, and during different times of the day, since this will likely switch up the effects you experience.

Spending more money

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The higher your tolerance, the more likely it is for you to need more weed in order to experience some sort of effect. To minimize this, instead of buying more weed, switching up your traditional consumption method is also a good idea. Even a small change from cannabis flower to vape cartridges.

Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal

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Developing a high THC tolerance is not the end of the world. It’s an expected outcome after consuming marijuana habitually. If you start consuming cannabis every day, then you’ll likely develop withdrawal symptoms when you choose to lower your consumption, either purposefully or by running out of weed. Expect symptoms like headaches, mood changes, sleep changes, and more, and take this as an opportunity to facilitate a tolerance break.

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