With winter and the holidays fast approaching, elastic waisted sweat pants and mid-afternoon sunsets have also reemerged. The dawn of the holiday season not only brings cheer, but also tends to bring some lethargy and increased consumption. You may have already noticed a bit of cold weather weight gain as your activity has decreased. Maybe your weed consumption has increased as more hours are spent indoors.

Perhaps your cannabis consumption has even increased a little too much. But determining when your cannabis habit has become a bit more than a habit can be a bit tricky.

Knowing when it’s time to take a break from cannabis is an individual decision with many variables at play. Still, there are some universal red flags that you can look out for to see if it might be time for you to put down the bong and give weed a break. Here are five clear signs that it is time for you to take a cannabis detox.

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Your Cannabis Budget Keeps Expanding

One of the easiest signs to notice that maybe it’s time to cool it on cannabis is purely financial. This warning sign is relatively easy to track – just check your bank account. If you notice you are spending a lot more money on weed than normal, it usually means two things. For one, you are definitely getting high more often than you used to. It also means that your tolerance has gone up. 

As we have reported in the past, the more you use cannabis, in turn the more you need to consume to achieve the same effect. If your tolerance and weed budget has more than doubled going into the holidays, perhaps a tolerance break is in order. At the very least, it will help get your weed budget back to a manageable number.

You’re Getting High When You Shouldn’t 

Another sign that you are in need of a weed detox is if you find yourself getting high in situations where it is not socially acceptable, or downright illegal. If, for example, you are driving around aimlessly while high, this is a big red flag. If you are showing up high to work and hoping the boss doesn’t notice, then you should probably take a sober look in the mirror and see how you can change this behavior. 

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Worse, if you have lost your job, sacrificed relationships or had other negative impacts due to getting high when you shouldn’t, you should really think about taking a break. These impacts are often caused by cannabis dependance, which can happen when we rely on cannabis (or any substance) as a crutch.

You Feel Like You “Need” It For Certain Activities

There is truth to the saying “too much of a good thing.” While cannabis can be deeply therapeutic, if abused, just like pretty much any substance, it can have harmful effects. While marijuana is not very physically addictive, at least not in the way that nicotine, opioids, or alcohol are, it can lead to dependence in some. Cannabis use disorder, as defined by the CDC, is “are unable to stop using marijuana even though it’s causing health and social problems in their lives.” It mentions some symptoms to include using more marijuana than intended, and “using marijuana even though it causes problems at home, school or work.”

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You’re Cannabis Use Is Weighing on You

Another big red flag that it is time for a detox is if your cannabis use is affecting your wellbeing. If you are dwelling on how often you get high and it makes you guilty, or even depressed, then maybe it is time to regroup. Sure, as we have reported before, some studies have suggested cannabis can help with some symptoms of depression.

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But other studies, like a 2017 study on this subject, found that, “cannabis reduces perceived symptoms of negative affect in the short-term, but continued use may exacerbate baseline symptoms of depression over time.” So it is too soon to tell whether weed is helping or hurting your own unique mental state.

Taking a break, and accompanying that break with productive and healthy activities is a great way to get your mind right. You can always get high again down the road, but your happiness and mental health is paramount, and if you think cannabis is getting in its way, give it a rest.

Your Routine Has Become Lethargic (And Is Mostly Indoors)

It can happen to the best of us, but sometimes we hibernate more than any human being is meant to. This lethargy can be heightened by cannabis use, as it can be incredibly easy to get high and do nothing but snack all day when it’s below freezing outside. Sure, lazy days are part of winter, but every day? That might be pushing it. 

Consider your health. If, for example, you find that your clothes don’t fit, or if you are winded walking up a flight of stairs that normally causes you no issue, then maybe consider a pivot in your lifestyle. A cannabis detox is often a great place to start.

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