For centuries, human beings have been using cannabis for healing and recreational purposes. In fact, extensive works of research show that cannabis has an intense impact on the human body and its immune system.

The immune system is comprised of a network of cells consisting of antibodies, white blood cells, the bone marrow, and the lymphatic system. If the immune system starts to function at a lower or overactive level, you will experience immune system disorders.

Immune system disorders lead to a complete breakdown of your health, which cannabis can help combat. However, as an intelligent cannabis user, you want to be sure that you know how cannabis helps. Below are the top five ways through which cannabis helps in building your immunity.

Cannabis suppresses inflammation in the immune system

Medical practitioners often recommend cannabis because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties. These properties aid with pain relief and protects your immune system from major vulnerabilities.

Cannabis also helps suppress the secretion of cytokines in the immune system. Whenever there is pain somewhere in your body caused by inflammation, cannabis regulates your immune responses such that the pain starts to lessen.

Cannabis strengthens our mental health

Some people don’t know that there is a connection between their mental health and the immune system. If you don’t sleep well, if you don’t eat well and are excessively stressed, your immune system will become weak.

Cannabis helps alleviate stress, combats various mental disorders, boosts brain function, and has soothing properties that can help you sleep well; when you start eating and sleeping well, when you feel strengthened, and without stress, you will have a stronger immune system.

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To boost mental health, you will need to realign your nervous system, improve your brain function, improve your mood, reduce insomnia and get rid of anxiety. All of which cannabis plays one role or the other in. Your mental health is essential to your body’s immunity, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

It wouldn’t help if you focus on every other part of your body and ignore your mental health. Life can be very fast-paced such that you may ignore your mental health, but with cannabis, you can achieve the balance you need.

Now the fact that cannabis offers relief doesn’t mean you should become complacent with your life. Please take care of your mental and physical health, get plenty of sleep, and most importantly try to avoid stress.

Note that you can add cannabis seeds to your smoothies, salads, or energy bars to improve your mental health — your immune system will be better for it!

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Cannabis fights off neuro-inflammatory conditions

Neuro-inflammatory conditions occur when the brain doesn’t get enough blood supply. Now, if your brain isn’t getting enough blood, you will face serious health challenges such as stroke, head injuries, and cerebral ischemia.

Neuro-inflammatory conditions prevent the immune system from being active, and this leads to neurodegenerative disorders. This situation explains why numerous people with weak immune systems experience all kinds of diseases.

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Interestingly, one of the primary functions of CBD in the body is to help it achieve neurogenesis in the brain. Neurogenesis reduces neuroinflammatory conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, lateral sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The immune system fights infections in two ways: humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity. To achieve optimum immunity and excellent health, the body needs the right balance of these two processes.

These two processes are enabled through endocannabinoid found in cannabis and other CBD products such as CBD oil. The result you get from cannabis against neuro-inflammatory disease is the optimal immune system that kicks off all infections.

Cannabis affects cancer cells

Another disease that ravages the body’s immune system is cancer. Cancer cells depreciate the body’s immunity by targeting the body’s bone marrow which is an essential aspect of your immune system.

Your bone marrow is needed to produce blood cells that have the ability to fight diseases. If the cancer cell spreads the tumor to the bone marrow, it will stop the body from building blood cells. This will cause the body’s immune system to experience a decline in its white blood cell production which is bad news for the immune system.

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Several studies conducted show that taking cannabis helps cancer patients experience relief. Cannabis plays a significant role in helping patients deal with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, fatigue, etc all of which further strengthens the body’s immune system. Cancer does a lot of damage to the human body, but cannabis can help to repair some of these defects and energize the patient.

Cannabis fights HIV

HIV is an example of a disease that completely shatters the immune system. People who are diagnosed with HIV are vulnerable to illnesses and infections because their immune system is weak. So they vomit, lose appetite, and experience weight loss as the virus ravages their body.

Studies show that cannabis alleviates some of the symptoms and signs of HIV, as evidenced through HIV patients who got an increase in white blood cells. It should be noted that the reports also claim that the patients felt stronger after consistently taking a cannabis based regimen which repels the symptoms they previously experienced.

White blood cells fight and wade off all foreign elements that seek to pull down the immune system. The white blood cells also protect your body from infections.

Bottom line

Cannabis is the natural elixir you need to boost your immune health. Taking cannabis in the correct dose and under necessary supervision can transform the state of your immunity.

Your body needs a robust immune system to tackle opposing health challenges, which is why the importance of paying attention to boosting your immune system cannot be stressed enough.

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