Sometimes you just need some simple happiness

Mid week can be stressful and leave you feeling discombobulated.  But if you want a giant dose of sweetness, this is for you.  Meeting new people, or deer, can be stressful, especially if you’re a tiny cub named Boog. While it has been a while since this first happened, it never gets old watching a cute animals.

Boog met a fawn for the first time at Point View Farm in West Virginia At first Boog seems okay with the fawn, but he quickly steps back and rises on his two little back paws. Then he retreats even farther and tries to hide behind a staircase, which is not a great place to hide because everyone could still see him but he’s just a baby so what do you expect.

Bears are overwhelmingly solitary and are considered to be the most asocial of all the Carnivora. The only times bears are encountered in groups are mothers with young or occasional seasonal bounties of rich food (such as salmon runs).

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Joel Rosenthal, who filmed the meeting, offers fantastic commentary throughout the video.

“These two just met for the first time,” he says. “This is the first fawn of the year. Boog doesn’t know what to think of him. Fawn doesn’t seem to mind at all. Come on, Boog. What is that? Now he’s hiding. He’s hiding. Look at him hiding. Hiding from that fawn.”

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And here’s another video of Boog and the fawn hanging out.

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Can you think of any better way to smile than watching a baby bear tries to hide after meeting a fawn.  Boog and the fawn leave at a wildlife sanctuary in West Virginia. Its main function is to care for injured and orphan animals.

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