It’s no secret that St. Patrick’s Day sees some of the biggest and best parties & bar crawls every year.  From Boston to Reno, to local neighborhoods like Wallingford in Seattle, groups will be gathering to raise off a glass of something on this national drinking holiday.  People are guzzling beer, vodka sodas, and more making it a crucial day for the beer industry and alcohol overall.But St. Patty’s day is also great time to celebrate a different kind of green, too.  You can still enjoy the atmosphere, the music and food of the day and not walk away with a hangover.

“Ian, the owner of Uncle Ike’s in Seattle, shared it is an easier, cheaper and greener way to celebrate”

Whether you’re skipping the green beer or just want to rep your love for Mary Jane every day of the year, Everything420 has you covered with all you need to stay lifted this March 17. 

Green St. Patrick’s Day Stoner Essentials

Whether stopping at one bar or 20 this St. Patrick’s day, you’ll need the basics. Why not get festive with all the green stoner swag to match your holiday ’fit?

Glow In The Dark Green Grinders

Grind your flower in style with this glowing green grinder. Pro tip: let it charge in the light the day before you’re celebrating so that it’s ready to glow when you are. 

Minty Green St. Patrick’s Day Wraps

Special occasions deserve special occasion wraps. These Mintys organic wraps definitely fit the bill. These wraps might become your new favorites, as they’re green enough to match the night’s theme and have a refreshing mint kick that prepares you for a long night of pub crawling

Green Rolling Tray for St. Patty’s Day

You’ve got your herb, you’ve got your wraps — now it’s time to get to work. This green rolling tray will help you roll the perfect blunts and joints, whether you’re sparking up at home or bringing them to the celebration. 

Light Up on St. Patrick’s Day With Green Lighters

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These green premium jet lighters are our absolute favorite. They’re sleek, heavy-duty, and built to last — as long as nobody steals it first. Save this one for the pregame, and bring a different lighter to the bars if you’ve got a lighter thief in your crew. 

St. Patty’s Pregame with Green Bongs

If you’re hosting the St. Patty’s pregame, you’ve got to have an on-theme bong to impress your friends with. This new rotating gravity bong understands the assignment. Be prepared, though; a couple of hits from this monster, and you might decide to stay in and eat some corned beef and cabbage — or an entire loaf of Irish soda bread — instead.

Party All St. Patrick’s Day With a Portable Green Bong

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If you’re looking for something a little simpler or are heading out to another party this St. Patty’s Day, why not bring your own bong? This silicone bong is super easy to travel with, and the bright green color will guarantee it doesn’t get pinched. 

Puff and Pass With Your Green Pipe

You don’t have to leave your flower behind when it’s finally time to head out to the bars. This frosted, bumpy green pipe is festive, small enough to carry, and the texture makes it easier to hold onto when walking from one Irish bar to the next. 

Green St. Patrick’s Day Stoner Accessories

You might wear green to fit in on St. Patty’s Day, but you can still stand out from the crowd by opting for cannabis-themed accessories.

St. Patty’s Party on the Run with a Green Stash Bag

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This mini confidant bag checks all the boxes for a stoner going on a pub crawl. It’s green, heavy-duty to cut down on smells, and the perfect size to fit all your essentials — phone, keys, wallet, weed. What more do you need?

Sham-Rock It With a Green Pot Bandana

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This green cannabis bandana is the perfect finishing touch to your St. Patty’s Day pub crawl. Whether you wear it in your hair, around your neck, or style it some other way, it’s going to be obvious that those aren’t shamrocks printed on it. 

Stoner Essentials for Every Holiday

Everything420, the best online smoke shop, has you covered whenever you need weed accessories. No matter the holiday or theme of your next party, we’ve got the coolest bongs and stoner gear online. Sláinte!

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