If you use cannabis for a prolonged period of time, body becomes desensitized to its psychoactive effects. When you constantly put THC in your body, the receptors that bind to it become compromised. Think of it as giving your receptors a chance to recuperate.

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Reducing Consumption

Does reducing consumption over a full stop make a difference? This method certainly will help, but receptors are still being activated on a semi-regular basis. Many marijuana enthusiasts prefer this halfway approach and it works for some. If you consume multiple times a day, limit it to just at the end of the evening. If used as a sleep aid, consider opting for melatonin or other remedies for a few weeks as a replacement.

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How long should it last

Everybody is different, but most programs last 4-6 weeks.  Taking a break for one or two days isn’t going to allow your body to adjust. THC can remain in your system for 30 days. Allowing the cannabinoid to flush through your system will do your body good. Just be careful on the first time you restart.

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Negative side effects

Life a caffeine holiday, you may show symptoms of irritability, moodiness of other signs of withdrawal. This can be

What if it is for medical reasons

This is a bit tricky. If you are use cannabis as medicine, it is smart to consult with the health professional who recommended it for the ailment. If you are currently consuming it as an aid in chemotherapy, PTSD, pain relief or any other serious ailment, it is key to balance the desire to medicate with the desire to lower your tolerance.

The best advice is to stay active. Go for long walks or to the gym. Releasing endorphins may assist in preventing or lessening the negative effects.

If you find this to be a difficult task, it may be a warning sign that you are becoming dependent on the drug. But try to focus on this silver lining: If you take a protracted break from cannabis, you’ll be saving yourself a chunk of change. And who couldn’t use a few extra bucks in the bank account?

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