Find a job you love is tough, so here are some tips to help in the hunt.

The marijuana industry continues to expand across the country.  BDSA, a leading analytic company which covers cannabis, just released their 2023 report where they industry grew to $29.5 billion in the US.  We reached out to Scott Rabinowitz at the nationally respected Herd Freed Hartz about job hunting and he offered these suggestions.

The Fresh Toast – finding the perfect role is tough, so here are the best tips for job hunting in the cannabis world.

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Scott brings over 16 years experience in the executive search industry and serves as a strategic recruiting partner to top executives. He combines a strong national and international network with a concentrated focus on serving Northwest based clients. Prior to joining Herd Freed Hartz, Scott served 5 years as Executive Vice President and Managing Director building out DHR International’s Seattle office.

Is it better to approach a company you are interested in or wait until they post an opening

It depends on the role.

For Executive roles I suggest using online postings ONLY as research and NOT apply for executive roles directly through a company website., Instead use the information you learn about the company to craft a compelling introduction that addresses the hiring company challenges and demonstrates your insight into their needs. I’m a firm believer in creating your own opportunities as well. If you are passionate about a company and their products, services or brand – let them know!

The key to success in your job search is not only understanding yourself, your skills and experiences but understanding the company that is hiring you. Many job seekers make the mistake of looking at job opportunities only through the lens of “Whats in it for me?”. Set yourself up for success by focusing on the roles challenges and how you can make a difference

For Non Executive (Supervisor, Manager, Director) roles- The same strategy of thinking about the hiring companies specific challenges applies, but for these roles its fine to apply online AND try to identify someone that you can connect with directly.

What should I focus on in the resume and in the interview

In 30 years of Executive search experience I have come to believe that all interviews come down to 2 simple questions.

1- What do you know about me?

2- How are you going to help me make or save money quickly?

As an applicant you want to focus all of your answers on those 2 potential topics

Q- Tell me about your career = What do you know about me?

Q- Share an experience where you =How are you going to help me make or save money quickly?

Interviewing is a complicated and unnatural conversation. Typically candidates have given a lot of thought to their own experience and expertise, thought through the ideal kind of culture they would like to be in and how many weeks of vacation would work for them. Succesful candidates have taken the next step- To be able to talk about the hiring company with passion and specificity, to be able to demonstrate that your experience exists to help solve their issues and that you are someone that aligns with their values and pace.

Simple Interview Hack:

When asked a “tell me about a time when?” Question your answer should have 5 elements

  1. Here is what the challenge we faced was
  2. Here is what I recommended
  3. Here is what we did
  4. These were the results
  5. This is what I learned

Use this template to prepare relevant examples to share during your interview. Keep it short, keep it specific and even if it’s a challenge- This is the time to Brag

What is the correct length of a resume? 

Best Practices used to be that Resumes should be no longer than 2 pages. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. The highest and best use of a resume is to lead to a conversation. Your resume should be authentic to your experience, include specific details, metrics and expertise, include some compelling or interesting details that can fire a conversation. It doesn’t matter how long it is to me!

Resume Hacks

No Misspellings!

Create multiple resumes depending on the role you are looking for.

Align your experience with your target companies issues and challenges

Be personal- Please include something that can lead to a conversation beyond work- Travel, Reading, Sports etc

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What is an appropriate follow up time

Send a Thank you note same day to anyone you interview with. Wait a week then you can reach back out for clarification and to continue to express your interest. Beyond that – don’t be a nudge.

We are entering a unique moment in our countries hiring history. We are facing a 10M person shortfall in the labor market. That means as Baby Boomers age out of the labor market there is a huge need for skilled and experienced labor in the market and it is a battle to identify and attract top talent. As a job seeker this means that you have more options than you have in the past. Companies need to raise their hiring game in order to compete. If you can arm yourself with some simple tricks a job hunt is an ideal time to take stock of yourself and your goals. At the same time don’t forget to focus on your target- Put your focus on them and you will be ahead of the game!

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