Part of the original cool club – he broke the mold. Tough, determined, and busy – does De Niro ever chill with weed?

He has been the tough guy who matured into the grumpy old man persona which movie watchers seem to connect.  A storied career, he has won numerous awards, become an icon, lobbied for causes and not been afraid of a fight.  But does Robert De Niro consume weed and just chill?  Does he even have time?

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Born in 1943, his last part was in Nada in 2023 at 80, but has the political thriller mini series Zero Day coming soon from Netflix.  He had a creative partnership Martin Scorsese which helped define his legacy. His first Scorsese ht was  Mean Streets where he played “Johnny Boy” Civello, a small time criminal working his way up into a local mob, he threw himself into the role. Then he lost himself in the role of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.Working with Francis Ford Coppola he become Vito Corleone in the Godfather II, cementing him as a strong mean in the public’s eye. The intensity of what he brought to the role is legendary.  Luckily, marijuana has helped.

Sometimes it is used to chill, sometimes it comes from a darker place. De Niro fell for weed after a couple of bong hits while filming Jackie Brown, it delayed filming as the actor and the bong were close for a couple of days. Maybe it is his consuming habit which let this humor and wit come out in movies like Meet the Parents.

In the medical field, De Niro battled prostate cancer and resumed his career. Cannabis has been a benefit for cancer patients helping them manage treatment symptoms and the chronic pain.

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De Niro has made a fortune in his career playing tough guys, some with a heart.  In 2006,  De Niro received Italian citizenship.  The Sons of Italy opposed the movie based on the believe the actor damaged the public image of Italians by portraying criminals.

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