Recently on Reddit I saw a person ask the community CPTSD the following question: I use cannabis to help me with emotional pain but nobody understands that. Does anyone have a similar issue? Everyone is telling me it makes things worse. I feel that it helps most of the time maybe not always.

Well, we are aware that cannabis has long been vilified as a harmful substance that might cause addiction and other negative effects. Recent studies have, however, demonstrated that cannabis can be used successfully to treat emotional suffering, such as anxiety and depression. New studies also show psychedelics are helping thousands clear the deck of emotional pain and damage.

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Despite this, a lot of people still think using cannabis is uncool, and there is a lot of stigma attached to using marijuana to treat emotional suffering.

One of the main reasons for the stigma is the lack of education and understanding about the effects of cannabis on the brain. The potential negative effects of cannabis use have received more attention than its potential positive effects for many years. Because of this ignorance, cannabis usage is seen negatively, which makes it challenging for users to get the emotional support they need without feeling judged.

Cannabis use has also come to be associated with criminal activity as a result of cannabis being banned in many parts of the world. People may find it difficult to get care for their emotional pain because of this association since they may be afraid of the legal repercussions.

However, more research is being conducted on the therapeutic advantages of cannabis as a result of its legalization in some states and nations. Because cannabis affects the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is involved in controlling mood, anxiety, and other emotional reactions, studies have shown that it can be a successful treatment for emotional pain. Additionally, this has led to a rise in acceptance among the populace as large.

It’s important to realize that some people will always stigmatize you no matter what. They are completely consumed by their concepts of cannabis and until they have a Ruthless Awakening — when they will need cannabis to save their lives — they will continue to exist within their belief systems. There wouldn’t be much you could do to change their minds and within this context, acceptance is the only path forward.

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The Sticky Bottom Line

As more studies on the medicinal uses of the plant are conducted, the stigma associated with using cannabis to treat emotional distress is starting to fade. While it’s critical to be aware of any hazards connected to cannabis usage, it’s also crucial to take into account any potential advantages, especially for people who are experiencing emotional anguish.

In order for those who potentially benefit from cannabis to seek aid without fear of judgment, it is important that we continue to educate ourselves and break down social taboos surrounding its usage.

At the end of the day if it works for you, and people judge you for it, they can go to hell. You’re the one that’s living your life, and if you let others dictate what is and isn’t accepted, you’ll always be a slave to their expectations.

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