Purchasing cannabis seeds online can be the most glorious experience since the invention of Google or it can go horribly wrong. 

Cannabis seeds fall into the same category as cannabis flowers, concentrates and edibles. In certain states, it’s legal to buy recreational weed and cultivate cannabis plants.

Know The Seed

It’s always good to know your seed before you grow weed, which means it’s important to research cannabis seeds to understand what grows where and how high. (FYI, having an overgrown house full of the wrong cannabis plant isn’t as cool as it sounds.) 

The types of seeds: 

  • Regular seeds: they come in a packet of mixed male and female seeds and you’ll have to keep the guys away from the gals to stop the male seeds from pollinating the females.
  • Feminized seeds: low-maintenance and can be planted straight into the soil without worrying if the male plants will be trying to get their groove on. Using these seeds cuts out the hassle of having to sex out the plants and removing the males. 
  • Autoflowering seeds: great for new cultivators and growers that can’t provide their seeds with enough natural daylight. These seeds are able to change to a flowering state with age and not their light cycle, creating a shorter grow-to-harvest time.
hemp cannabis product sales projected to hit a billion dollars in 3 years
Photo by ulleo via Pixabay

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds 

From total marijuana legalization in Canada, to North America becoming more chilled out about its own state laws, buying your favorite green flower has never been easier and growing your own is almost as simple. 

Cannabis is no longer a lightweight drug for stoners, hippies and rappers; it’s used in the mainstream both recreationally and medicinally. Certain states have legalized the use of cannabis, making it simple for anyone over the age restriction to pop into a local dispensary and exchange coin for cannabis. 

Another option is to buy cannabis seeds online from legal vendors and get the seeds delivered directly to your door.  

meghan markles nephew is selling a marijuana strain named after royal baby
Photo by Robert Baker via Unsplash

Side note: Always look for established companies with good customer reviews. Also, beware of scams on social media from users offering you cannabis seeds. It’s likely that “@Andycakes643” doesn’t really have any seeds to sell you. 

Purchasing cannabis seeds online can be easily done from a reputable seed bank. All you need is a suitable payment method, a little research and a can-do attitude. 

Ready to buy a little low-key weed seed? Many seed banks will often take payment from debit cards, credit card and for extra discretion they accept cryptocurrency. If that’s still not enough security for you, certain seed banks even use third-party payment processors. 

Don’t be alarmed if your cannabis is shipped in a CD case or a stuffed toy, it’s a little weird but it provides an added layer of security. 

Final note: If you’re new to growing your own cannabis seeds, it’s best to start low and take it slow. A small order lowers the risk of potentially losing a substantial amount of money and flower.

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