Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in many states in the U.S., the plant has been going through a period of reevaluation; people are now into it for a variety of reasons, whether that’s relaxing, partying, working out or therapeutic reasons.

But how can you tell if your weed is good? Like all things weed, this gets easier the more you’re exposed to it.

Good quality cannabis starts from the place you buy it at, to using all of your senses to get a full picture of what you’ll be consuming. Here are some things you should keep in mind when making your weed purchase:

The seller matters

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Now that we live in an era of legalization, there’s no need to smoke ugly looking weed. Start purchasing weed like you care about the fact that it’s going into your body. Check out your local dispensary or ask around for sellers and brands that sell quality product. The more legit the seller, the higher odds your weed has of being cultivated by ethical companies, ones that focus on producing quality cannabis with a diverse batch of cannabinoids.

Use your senses

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Use all of your senses to determine the quality of your product. Good quality weed should smell good and strong, look bright and colorful, and feel airy and light. The flower should separate when you apply pressure to it; it shouldn’t fall apart by itself or be dense and overtly sticky.

Bad weed is pretty distinct

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Once you’ve interacted with high quality weed, the bad stuff is easier to spot. While you should steer clear of any type of weed that smells, looks, or feels off, you should also avoid strains that claim to have extreme effects. For example, if your seller tells you that they have a strain with over 30% THC potency, ask more questions since that seems unlikely. You also don’t need a strain with crazy THC levels in order to get the results you want or are looking for.

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