A Republican state senator in Kansas plans to introduce a bill in January to legalize medical marijuana, putting the state on the list of potential new U.S. cannabis markets that could be on the horizon.

According to National Public Radio, state Sen. Rob Olson will introduce his measure once the state legislature reconvenes, after chairing a special committee this year that examined medical cannabis issues. The committee’s final meeting is scheduled for Thursday.

Olson said he hopes his counterparts in the state House of Representatives will also run a parallel bill.

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Earlier this year, the Kansas House approved a bill to stand up a new medical marijuana industry, but a Senate companion measure died in committee.

The bill may face an uphill battle, however. NPR reported that state Senate President Ty Masterson said he has other political priorities, such as the state budget and school funding.

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And Democratic state Sen. Cindy Holscher said it was Masterson that stalled the medical cannabis bill earlier this year, implying that he may be an obstructionist again in 2023.

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