It is a fun time of year, everyone in good cheer, holiday events, special food, and lots of bonding with people we may or may not know or like.  Joyful, merry, and happy are all the ways we describe the season, but sometimes it might comes with a price.  Stress, hangovers and anxiety are common, but marijuana can make your holiday better.

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With some much going on, gifts to buy, cooking, visiting, and travel, perhaps the most common issue is lack of sleep. Consider using some form of marijuana to help to help you fall asleep. Using a few times to be able to break a sleepless pattern can be very help and make you feel like a new person.

Marijuana Can Make Your Holidays Better

Hangovers are common during the holidays as it has some of the biggest alcohol days of the year including New Year’s Eve and the day before Thanksgiving (Drinksgiving/ Blackout Wednesday), the day after Thanksgiving, and all the weekends with work and friend parties. Gummies and vapes are discrete ways to reduce drinking while still having a relaxed buzz to enjoy the work holiday party or the long family event where wine has traditional helped.

It can also help avoid the gentle weight gain from lots of cocktails, beer and wine. Mild dose cannabis can provide the buzz without major (and continuous) carlories. Also, with a mild dose, there is a lower chance of munchies, unlike after 3 martinis or Christmas-tinis.

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And lastly cannabis has shown it can help reduce stress and anxiety.  If you are shy and have to attend events, it can benefits.  If you are at contentious family event, it can keep you calm. If you are worried about other things, it can relax you so you can make a plan on how to move forward.

Science has proven marijuana is better than alcohol for your body, the holiday is a perfect time to like cannabis use it’s super power.

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