Crowds, travel, traffic and family – all part of the biggest holiday over the summer…maybe marijuana can help

July 4th is the American Summer holiday – most people wrap some time off and so it can be chock full with activities, travel, friends and family.  But sometime it can be too crowded, too busy and too much on the road. Marijuana may become part of your July 4th tradition to not only have fun, but to cope with some of the hassle.

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Some 70 million will be hitting the roads for the holidays, over 40% will watch fireworks at the 14,000 firework displays.  Marijuana can be a partner to make the holiday whether it is avoiding hangovers, travel stress, anxious dogs during the fireworks, or just enjoying the moment.  Microdosing will help you take the edge of while focusing on enjoying the holidays.

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Marijuana helps your brain relax, focus and be in the moment.  Fireworks and concerts will be more alive, more vibrant and engage your mind in ways alcohol will not. But avoid mixing the two, you don’t want a messy end of the day.

Holiday stress can happen with family members, travel, traffic and crowds. Microdosing can help reduce the anxiety while focused on the task/activity at hand. Research has shown THC at low doses, 2.5-5 mg, reduces stress. Vapes and gummies are discreet, easy ways to consume and manage the dose without broadcasting to the crowd around you.  It an be a perfect way to deal with the extra bumps during the holiday.

The 4th is a big drinking holiday.  While marijuana might make you a bit more tired the next day, you want have the hangover where your head throbs and pounds for part of hte day.  Additionally, if you decide to drink instead of consume, marijuana’s anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and nausea-reducing properties can help make hangovers more bearable. Its ability to boost energy and improve sleep can also help to alleviate those unpleasant hangover symptoms.

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If you are traveling via air, vapes and gummies are the easiest and most discreet things to pack in your luggage.  During the flight, a gummy is the least noticeable and can make the middle seat way more tolerable.

Fireworks and pets are not compatible, but you should never give THC to an animal. Rather, consider CBD, which can be made specifically for animals to help them during fireworks to remain calm.

All in ally, have a great holiday weekend and maybe a little green to the red, white and blue.

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