Going against the grain is what rebels do, and marijuana has always been part of the anti-man movement.  But with cannabis legal in 23 states now, it is transforming. Today marijuana can be part of a healthy low fat, low calorie, fitness lifestyle.  Gone are hanging out drinking beer and sugary drinks, watching tv and eating food….instead it is a quick run, cbd to help with inflammation, a hit of a vape and a salad before a solid night’s sleep!

Scientists discovered in the 90s humans, and all vertebrate animals, have a naturally occurring system of receptors built to receive the active compounds in cannabis as well as similar compounds our bodies produce naturally. That is why we get “high” and why medical marijuana is effective for so many conditions.

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Why even Muscle & Fitness magazine did an article about the benefits.

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Yale research scientist, professor and engineering director, Alyssa L. Siefert, has written extensively on the subject and shared her enthusiasm with us: 

The broad anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis, particularly CBD, are exciting for athletes looking to quickly relax and recover, and I hope that researchers are able to focus on beneficial strains and dosages.

Let’s look at some of what we know from research that should be of interest to exercise enthusiasts looking to include marijuana in their workout regimen:

Before we pump you up with all of the good news, a word of caution for the uninitiated: Cannabis use can lead to tachycardia, or increased heart rate. This is a notable concern for cardio enthusiasts, people with heart health issues or for those who already exercise at a very elevated heart rate. Cannabis can also slow reaction times, so experimenting while participating in a contact sport is not recommended.

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Also keep in mind that smoking weed is just one way to ingest. In legal states, there are a variety of edibles, melt-away strips, tinctures, you name it. As noted before, CBD may give you some of the benefits of cannabis, but it will never make you stoned.

Maybe you want to simply do some research of your own. If so, we recommend you try it out at home first, where you can control your environment and feel most safe. Consume a moderate amount of cannabis, do some exercise and take notes on your dose, activation time and experience. That way you can find your sweet spot before you take to the gym in your newly lifted state.

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