The government and medical agencies have verified it has medical benefits…but marijuana is about to have a big positive bump to help patients

In the midst of the discussion around the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) move to reschedule marijuana, one area hasn’t truly been highlighted enough. It will make a huge difference for millions of patients. Medical marijuana is about to have a big positive change, and it can make some lives much, much better. Most governments and medical associations recognize cannabis can provide help for cancer, chronic pain, depression and anxiety along with nausea and sleep issues.

Research on cannabis has increased significantly with organizations like Penn State, UCLA and Harvard, but there is still much more to be done.

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One reason the change will be better is it will allow the base of the research, the plant itself, to be grown in a better way to produce a quality plant. Currently, the plant is grown in Mississippi.  The state still classifies it as illegal, has a significant and robust black market.  Unfortunately, that does provide enough of a base of professionals to ensure quality product for large studies.

medical marijuana
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The DEA has contracted with the University of Mississippi  to be responsible the cultivation of marijuana for medical research.  The college grows marijuana for research at a secure facility.  The change by the DEA will allow other research organizations with a wider reach of agriculture professionals with experience with the plant to provide current expertise.

Large companies like Curaleaf, which is in multiple states, can help produce a product scientists can use as they learn more uses and dosages for the plant. They will be able to help research institutions expand the quality and quantity.

While the FDA’s oversight of cannabis trials will expand, researchers are hopeful rescheduling will make it easier to do large-scale clinical trials once they are approved. Specifically with the  decentralized clinical trials where participants are allowed to bring home their drugs so they can make it part of their regime.

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Rescheduling will also continue to destigmatize medical marijuana for patients. It will put it on a path to federal regulations, which, eventually could provide a reimbursement number which allows insurances and Medicare to offer it to millions of more patients. Especially seniors which tend to adapt slowly.

While medical marijuana isn’t a cure all, it can help multi issues and will benefit millions.

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