By Maureen Meehan

A new poll conducted by Monmouth University found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans — fully 68% —  support legalizing small amounts of cannabis for personal use, compared with just 26% who oppose it.

The poll comes two weeks after President Biden issued a pardon for those convicted of simple cannabis possession on a federal level and urged governors to do the same at the state level. The president’s move, by the way, received 69% support in the Monmouth survey. At the same time as he announced the pardon, Biden said he’d ask his administration to review marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug, a category that includes LSD, cocaine and heroin.

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The Washington Post (WAPO) noted, with an air of surprise verging on delight, that when same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, political and social scientists saw the societal shift as remarkable, even unparalleled…until now, wrote WAPO’s Aaron Blake. He noted that “compared to 25 years ago, poll numbers regarding cannabis legalization have flipped.” A 1997 ABC News poll showed only 22% supported legalizing the possession of small amounts for personal use and three-quarters opposed it.

“You can’t find another issue where attitudes have shifted so rapidly,” a political scientist told WAPO.

Is Weed Consumption More Popular Than Alcohol And Tobacco?  

A Gallup poll released in August found that cannabis use among Americans modestly surpassed cigarettes and that its future use is likely to be shaped based on future legalization efforts and new research data.

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Weed Is Way Safer Than Booze

In March, the endless debate over whether weed is safer and healthier than alcohol got a shot of info via a study published in the journal Scientific Reports that suggested that marijuana is approximately 114 times less deadly than alcohol.

All of this begs a question: what are our illustrious lawmakers and honorable President waiting for?

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.

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