Walking is one of the world’s most common, no-gear-required activities. Aside from carrying us from point A to point B, walking is also a form of exercise that everyone can commit to, no matter their age or fitness level. According to CNN, hiking, an activity that’s becoming increasingly more popular, can burn even more calories.

Walking and hiking are two very similar activities. Like most cardio workouts, they boost bone and heart health, improve your balance, and strengthen your core. The main difference between the two is the level of energy they demand, with hiking, an activity done in nature and usually accompanied by changes in the ground in terms of terrain and elevation, gaining the upper hand.

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heres what you should do if you want to hike with marijuana
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“Walking is one of the best workouts for heart health for all ages, including those with heart problems and conditions,” said cardiologist Dr. Fahmi Farah. “Hiking is also heart-healthy and provides a higher calorie burn in a shorter amount of time.”

Both activities are healthy and good for helping you manage stress. Hikes are usually more strenuous, burning more calories and distracting you more from the problems of your everyday life.  The fact that hikes tend to put you in close contact with nature is also a perk, with studies linking happiness with surrounding yourself with nature.

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How Marijuana And CBD Help Create Calm, Healing Walks
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Walking and hiking are activities that we should incorporate more into our lives. In 2020, over 57.8 Americans said they hiked, a figure that’s been increasing over the years. It’s a malleable activity that provides you with a nice change of pace from the gym, that can be done with friends and adapted to your preference.

Like walking, hiking also creates a perfect opportunity for consuming weed, resulting in the elusive workout that’s both healthy and very fun. Just remember to hike with a group of friends, be discreet and respect others, to start off slow, and to make the most of your experience.

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