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The rise of veganism is widely spreading all around the world. Surveys suggest in 2020 alone, there was an increase of 40%, though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number.

It’s not just a fad; veganism is more than a plant-based diet as more and more people see the value in completely eliminating all forms of animal products from their lifestyle. Whether it’s for environmental reasons, health, or for the animals, there’s no doubt that there are certain benefits to going vegan.

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What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one of the two primary compounds in the cannabis plant. The other being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is famous for its psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t get you high but it has it’s own health benefits especially when it comes to anxiety, stress reduction, seizures, sleep management, pains, and aches. CBD can be taken in a wide variety of forms: it can be vaped, consumed as an edible or in gummies, or in capsule form and so much more. But some vegans probably wonder if CBD is vegan.

Vegan CBD Products

CBD in itself is vegan, because it’s derived from the hemp plant, which is rich in amino acids. Vegans can enjoy a range of health benefits from consuming vegan CBD products because they can help increase energy, improve brain function, contribute to overall emotional and mental wellbeing, aid in metabolism, and much more. In addition, it’s also rich in antioxidant contents.

However, not all CBD products on the market are vegan. The whole point of going plant-based means that one eschews all forms of animal byproducts including cosmetics, supplements, and actual food. And when it comes to manufacturing CBD products, the same rules apply. For example, there are many CBD edibles out there are that are not made with vegan ingredients, such as milk or honey as well as flavorings, so it pays to look out specifically for vegan CBD products that are better for you and the environment, which are also more aligned with your own lifestyle choices.

It’s also good to note that reputable vegan CBD product manufacturers (some of which we will cover below) tend to use better quality ingredients overall compared to the artificial ingredients found in most cheap CBD items.

Non-Vegan CBD Ingredients to Look Out For

Gelatin is the primary non-vegan ingredient used in many forms of CBD. This commonly used ingredient is intended to add texture and body to food and cosmetics, and it comes from collagen, which is then taken from animal body parts. Gelatin isn’t just used in making CBD products such as the coating for capsules, CBD gummies, and topicals.

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Beeswax is another common ingredient used in many CBD products, which isn’t vegan. This natural wax is produced by honeybees, and is often used in numerous topicals and cosmetics. The purpose of beeswax is for homogenizing liquid and oil so that the end-product has a creamy consistency. It’s also touted for sealing moisture into the skin because it effectively creates a barrier that locks out irritants and pollutants, which is why many topicals use it.

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On top of that, CBD is not a regulated ingredient in the cosmetics industry. As a result, some of them may have been tested on animals despite the fact that it uses vegan-friendly ingredients. You can avoid buying and using CBD cosmetics that are tested on animals by looking for cruelty-free symbols, or doing your own research on the manufacturer before purchase to ensure the quality of a product and brand.

Integrating CBD Into a Vegan Lifestyle

Since there are so many ways you can consume CBD, there are adequate options for vegans to integrate it into their lifestyle. Consuming CBD orally such as through vegan capsules and edibles is a great way to ensure that vitamins and extra nutrients are added into your diet.

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CBD tinctures are a popular way of consuming them. These are small bottles equipped with droppers, or a spray applicator in some cases. There are many flavors and varying potencies that you can experiment with. CBD capsules are another convenient way to ensure you get a specific and accurate dose each time, but be sure to look out for gelatin and avoid that. Instead, opt for vegan capsules that are made with inulin.

You can also add CBD oil to your vegan food and drinks, pretty much just about anything you want to drink and eat. CBD can be added into complex dishes even brownies and other baked goods. Just keep in mind that CBD is very sensitive to high temperatures, so avoid using it in recipes that require it such as fried food.

Popular and Quality Vegan CBD Brands to Try

For the uninitiated, here are some renowned vegan CBD brands that you can start trying today:

  • Onda Wellness: They carry almost everything from capsules to body balms and much more. They are known for using a holistic approach, and all their products are 100% vegan.
  • Bloom Farms: This brand has taken the CBD world by storm, even garnering mentions in Allure, Rolling Stone, and Vogue magazines. They have a wide assortment of whole-plant products to choose from.
  • Lazarus Naturals: With a wide variety of vegan CBD products to choose from, Lazarus Naturals is a terrific place to start shopping. Some of their renowned products include isolate and full-spectrum CBD.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

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