What is old is new again, records stores are making a comeback. Record Store Day shares a celebration day with cannabis community.  Like 4/20, it involved by a bunch of afficandios lifting up independent retailers and raising awareness and celebrating the multi-faceted art. Taking a page of Free Comic Book Day, it started in 2007  and is celebrated at retailers around the world. Hundreds of artists participate iby making special appearances, performances, fan meet ups  and the issuing of special vinyls.  It makes sense they share a day, vinyls and marijuana go together.

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Music and marijuana are a perfect match. Marijuana makes music almost come alive in a 3-D fashion. Marijuana’s properties improves current attention, prevents memory seeking, and helps the mind concentrate on music making it appear more fresh and intriguing. It helps the body concentrate on the current moment. Both marijuana and vinyl are going strong.  The legal cannabis industry just hit $29.5 billion for 2023 and the vinyl industry revenues grew 17% to $1.2 billion in 2022. This is the sixteenth consecutive year of growth and accounted for 71% of physical format revenues in physical stores.

Of course, what vinyl pairs best with marijuana? Here are some suggestions.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd’s classic allows the consumer to wallow in philosophy and explore the corners of the mind. While enjoying the plant, thought and preconceived ideas can be taken apart and reconstructed. The song’s rhythm will make feel as if every bone and muscle vibrant and independent.

De La Soul – Three Feet High And Rising

De La’s beat is great for a happy high. Fully perfected its alchemical balance of fun and wisdom, with a heavy dash of silliness, it lets your soul escape into a colorful playground.

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Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing

This psychedelic rock band sets the mood perfectly. The main band member, Kevin Parker, shared he has no recollection of creating this song and it was as if someone else wrote it. What more can be said and it is also a great reminder we are always changing and healing from our past.

The Beatles

From Yellow Submarine to All You Need Is Love, the bands songs intertwines with a high and brings you essence to the forefront allowing you to feel, love, thing and be.

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