One-hitters or chillums are small pipes that contain one hit of cannabis. Generally, they are made from glass or metal and look like a long tube that has a bowl at the end and a mouthpiece at the opposite end.

One-hitters are made in a wide range of shapes and designs and can range from stunning blown glass pieces to one hitters that look exactly like a cigarette for extra discretion.

The terms “chillum” and “one-hitter” are often used interchangeably, but they can refer to slightly different devices.

Both chillums and one-hitters consist of a tube with a bowl at the end. However, a one-hitter holds one hit of cannabis flower, while a chillum can hold more. Some chillums have fairly spacious bowls that can fit nearly a gram of ground cannabis flower.

How to properly smoke a one-hitter

You can smoke one-hitters the same way you smoke a pipe, although it’s a straight tube, so you’ll need to angle it upwards so that cannabis doesn’t fall out. The conventional way of smoking chillums is to smoke them vertically through a closed fist.

Chillums, dugouts, and one-hitters are best used with ground-up cannabis, as it is easier to burn and can be packed and carried without the flower falling out.

To properly smoke a chillum or one-hitter, pack the one-hitter tightly, angle it, and light it. Then you inhale as if it were a standard pipe.

Try not to get the lighter too close to your mouth since one-hitters tend to be small and short, and there is a chance you could burn your lips.

One-hitter benefits

  • Discretion

One-hitters are one of the most discreet means of smoking cannabis. Quick to use and convenient to store, they can be tucked away out of sight in your pocket or the palm of your hand at a moment’s notice.

Also, to the untrained eye, lighting a one-hitter can appear like lighting a cigarette, which is why many are designed to look like a cigarette or a cigar.

  • Ideal for low dosing

You can also preserve your stash and keep your doses low by using one-hitters. For example, when smoking a bong, pipe, or joint, it is easy to fill up the entire bowl and consume it quickly. If your bowl is large, each bowl could hold nearly a gram of flower.

With one-hitters, you can only use a small amount of cannabis at a time, helping you use your minimum effective dose and preserve your stash.

  • Cannabis microdosing using one-hitters

Microdosing is easy with one-hitters. Consumers can adjust the effects of marijuana with smaller, more precise hits. Using it allows you to manage your consumption while maximizing your performance.

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chillum grinder and marijuana
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What is a chillum?

Originally used by holy men in India, chillums are also known as one-hitters or bats. Plain stone chillums are thought to have been used by Indian holy men for thousands of years and have traditionally had a connection with spirituality and meditation.

Smoked vertically, chillum pipes are held in your fist with the bowl sticking out between your middle and ring fingers. You inhale through the opening formed by your index finger. You can also smoke a chillum pipe horizontally like a standard pipe.

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Chillums have become popular in recent decades as they are known to produce powerful hits that are often more potent than typical hand pipes. As a result, chillums are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the common hand pipe, and they are easily found at nearly every headshop.

In terms of design, chillums are fairly straightforward, making them a good choice for beginners. Chillums do not have a “carb,” or a hole to clear the smoke pooled in the chamber of the pipe. That’s why chillums have a heavier hit. But the airflow in the chillum is less controlled than pipes with carbs. As a result, a chillum’s bowl burns for as long as its flame lasts.

How to use a chillum

Chillums are traditionally held between your ring and pinky finger with your hand cupped over the end. Use your fist to create a smoke chamber by placing your mouth over your cupped hand. It cools the smoke and catches embers, making smoking a more enjoyable experience. Chillums should be lit at 45 degrees to prevent losing flower.

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