While cannabis is most often associated with the munchies, the plant has an impact on our stomachs in a totally different way: metabolism.

Like most cannabis matters, information on how it affects our metabolism stems from a small sample of scientific studies. There’s a 2018 survey that’s often quoted, which showed that cannabis consumers had higher caloric intakes yet lower BMI than subjects who didn’t consume cannabis.

This relationship is not wholly understood; researchers theorize that this weight loss could be due to the fact that cannabis consumers might drink less alcohol, might be more active, or that compounds in the plant might improve sleep and boost metabolism — all factors that have an influence on weight loss.

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When it comes to metabolism, there’s evidence of cannabis interacting with cannabinoid receptor 1, which has an influence on metabolism and the body’s processing of food. Other factors in cannabis, like THCV and CBD, have also been linked with prompting a faster metabolism and, thus, speeding up fat loss.

This evidence appears to be counterintuitive, primarily because the munchies tend to be associated with higher consumption of calories, particularly junk food, which is a common source of relief for the munchies.

As evidence shows, it’s necessary for experts to do more research on cannabis and its impact on the body. While the compound may speed up metabolism, there’s not enough information to indicate whether or not it will result in weight loss or, if consumed excessively, prompt the opposite result, leading to more munchies and thus more calories consumed.

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Cannabis isn’t going to be your answer for weight loss. Still, if it’s part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, it might boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories in the long run.

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