Sometimes you want something quick to either chill or reduce some anxiety.  If you can’t or don’t like smoking or drinking alcohol, there is an answer.  Here is what to know about marijuana sublingual strips.  They are a bit of a niche with vaping, gummies and traditional flower (joints, bowls, bongs) being more popular.  But using a sublingual strip or oil is easy, mess free and discreet.

Sublinguals refer to a type of product that is absorbed under the tongue, or sublingually. Pfizer made it mainstream in 2002 when they brought out the Listerine mouthwash strips. The cannabis industry paid attention and now you can sublingual cannabis in oil, tablets, tinctures, and rapidly dissolving strips.  The positive is they are great for a quick hit to relax, chill, manage pain, or anxiety.

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Using a sublingual is easy.  First, swallow before using to avoid the saliva from capturing the product. Swallow quickly after use can wash away the cannabinoids providing a different and likely less effective experience. Instead, after swallowing, you’ll need to hold your sublingual THC product until it dissolves. This can be done in a variety of ways, from letting it sit under the tongue to pressing it into the cheek. Once the product has been absorbed, wait up to ten more minutes before eating or drinking. This will ensure the most optimal experience.

You should start feeling the effects in about 15 – 30 minutes. Because of the way they are absorbed, sublinguals are as fast-acting as vaping or smoking, so it’s important to dose carefully.  The other good thing is there is no smell, so it can be perfect for discreet usage.

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Treating pain with sublingually administered cannabis extracts is preferred by many physicians, as it may be regarded as easier to obtain from the pharmacy, and to consume. Sublingual administration might also have the benefit of a more consistent dosing regimen while avoiding the adverse effects of smoking.

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