There are numerous ways cannabis consumption has changed over the course of the past several years. Widespread marijuana legalization throughout the nation has led to an influx of innovation when it comes to the options people have for consuming it.

Making matters more intriguing is the fact that attitudes across much of the world are changing when it comes to cannabis. This may lead to many cannabis enthusiasts expanding their horizons when it comes to the accessories they consider their essentials, which should be a welcome idea. This is especially the case if you’re still stuck in the days of rolling doobies in the basement.

2022 presents the perfect opportunity to change up both scenery and marijuana consumption methods. Here’s what it’ll take.

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A Smell-Proof Stash Can

Even though marijuana isn’t as frowned upon as it once was, it can still be enough to cause trouble in some locations. By having a smell-proof stash can handy, no one in public will be able to tell what you have when taking cannabis on the go.

There are lots of smell proof stash cans with designs that mirror regular household items like bug spray and tea cans. They serve the purpose of being both effective at hiding the smell and looking inconspicuous to strangers. This allows people to carry their goods with peace of mind and safety no matter where they’re located.

A Vaporizer

Whether people prefer wax or herbs, there’s likely a vaporizer on the market that works for them. The market for vaporizers has become so robust over the course of the past couple of years that there are hundreds to choose from. It’s not surprising given the fact that they make toking so seamless and inconspicuous.

A lot of vaporizers come with enough customization that users can control the level of smoke they exhale and how quickly it heats the cannabis. Not to mention the fact that vaporizers provide users with a higher THC intake than combustible methods of consumption. Whether it’s for dry herb or for concentrates, a vaporizer is a necessity for cannabis enthusiasts hoping to take their experiences with marijuana to a higher level.

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A Chillum/One-Hitter

One of the biggest downfalls of vaporizers is the fact that they rely on being properly charged. Being out and about with a dead vape can be a drag, which is where having an alternative can become advantageous.

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Before vaporizers became trendy, one-hitters used to be the only way to consume on the go, in a somewhat discreet fashion. There are many one-hitters that are shaped to look exactly like cigarettes, so when they’re being lit, it looks similar to someone lighting up a smoke instead of weed. The only thing that gives it away is the smell, which tends to dissipate quickly.

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Though there’s nothing stopping people from consuming marijuana the same way they always have, it wouldn’t hurt to try something fresh with the onset of a new year. The conditions are better now than they ever have been for marijuana enthusiasts to change the way they consume!

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