While it’s always great to order something and get it delivered while in the comfort of your home, subscription boxes have really managed to capitalize on this experience, providing us with a constant stream of gifts we love and giving us something to look forward to.

Whether you’re into cheese, books, weed or socks, you can have the utmost certainty that there is a subscription box out there for you, waiting. Here are 5 of the best subscription boxes you can sign up for:

While with Cannabox you won’t get weed delivered straight to your home, you will get a box filled with extremely useful smoking accessories. Each month you’ll get a themed box with glass pipes, bongs, rolling paper, trays, snacks, gear and more, all put together by cannabis lovers and experts.

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If you’re a cheese fan, there’s Curdbox, which delivers cheese and appropriate pairings right to your door. Each box has three types of cheeses along with three appropriate pairings, which can range from crackers, to jams, to hams.

Real Oyster Cult is the rare subscription box that tackles something as delicate as oysters. These boxes are shipped overnight and can stay in your fridge for up to 10 days. These oysters are selected by oyster farmers from all over the country, delivering a surprise every month that starts at less than $50.

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Eater Wine Club delivers 2 to 4 wine bottles of restaurant level quality per month, each curated by a wine professional who takes inspiration in the flavors, regions and trends that are going on at the moment. Prices start at $70 a month.

If you’re a reader who’s also craving a trip around the world, The Wordy Traveler is the subscription box for you. With themed boxes made up of books, teas, and some kind of item from the country it’s inspired in, The Wordy Traveler is a box with a little bit of everything.

Explains their website: “Every three months count on The Wordy Traveler for a carefully handpicked selection of books that have been discovered, curated, and approved by our team of world travelers to ensure wanderlust fulfillment. In addition, each box will include ethically-sourced premium tea evocative of the region and a limited-edition fine art print that captures the beauty of travel.”

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