Road trips are back in fashion in a big way. The pandemic catapulted them back into popularity so much so that vans and other road trip vehicles were snatched up and rented out in record time. Current gas prices and uncertain economic times, however, may have many Americans staying close to home. 

Still, if you’re a weed lover getting a bit stir crazy while you wait for gas prices to return to normal, there are some great road trips in states where marijuana is legal that are worth investing in. Some might require saving, while others can be more approachable if timed right.

Here are five unforgettable road trips that are worth saving up for if you love the open road and recreational marijuana.

San Francisco To Humboldt County

Want To Experience The Cannabis Harvest In California's Humboldt County? This Company Will Take You For Free
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This is, in many ways, the Mecca of weed road trips. It is best to start in San Francisco, as it is easier to load up on essentials and rent a car in the city rather than the wilderness. San Francisco is the first place to ever have a medical marijuana dispensary in the United States, at The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, opened by Dennis Peron.

Enjoy the slow pace of route 1 along the coast, and soak up the natural beauty. Eventually you will arrive in the Emerald Triangle’s most famous area, Humboldt County. As we have previously reported, Humboldt is known for cultivating some of the best marijuana in the world, and its small towns have all sorts of marijuana-themed activities. This area is also home to some of the largest trees in the entire world. Avenue of The Giants is perhaps the most breathtaking wooded drive you may take in your life. You do not need any weed to marvel at the wonder of the ancient giant Redwoods throughout Humboldt county. 

Shelter Cove and Trinidad are two fantastic Humboldt coastal towns worth your time before you begin your return back towards the Golden Gate. It is important to note that while this is certainly a must-do for any true marijuana and road trip lover, it is also a bit pricey. California gas, hotel and car rental prices are some of the highest in the entire country, so this might be a trip to save up for.

Arizona To New Mexico

Should You Be Road Tripping During The Pandemic?
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Arizona and New Mexico have some of the most beautiful and iconic desert scenery in the U.S. To top it off, both states have legalized recreational marijuana, which makes an Arizona to New Mexico road trip more enticing than ever. Remember that although marijuana is legal in both states, you cannot bring one state’s weed into the other. Make it easy on yourself and finish your Arizona supply before you head to New Mexico.

Even though (according to the NPS policy) marijuana is illegal in National Parks, make sure you find a way to legally visit The Grand Canyon and The Painted Desert/Petrified Forest in Arizona. But the most famous desert drive is through Monument Valley, in Northern Arizona. From Monument Valley you can make your way to the culturally rich and delicious city of Santa Fe. Santa Fe also boasts a good variety of cannabis dispensaries, making it a great place to sleep and safely sample some of New Mexico’s finest herb.

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There are a plethora of ornate towns, from Wild West themed ghost towns to iconic UFO sighting locations like Roswell. There is a rich history for you to learn along this dusty trail, and also some great one-of-a-kind shopping. Try and plan this trip for early fall, as this is when temperatures (and prices) drop down and make this a very affordable road trip vacation.

An Alaskan Adventure

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A road trip in Alaska is the ultimate trip for those who love wilderness, cannabis and lots of driving. Alaska is a vast state, but a road trip through this untouched natural playground can be highly rewarding. 

Gas is not the cheapest in Alaska (it is the third highest, just behind Hawaii and California, according to U.S.News), but the state does make it easy, and often free, to sleep in your car. You can even camp for free on the side of the road, which is something you will see more often than you would think while exploring this state. This is also a great option for those who have summers off but aren’t a big fan of 100 degree days at the beach. Alaska has pleasant but cool summer weather, and up to 20 hours of daylight for much of the summer.

The Oregon Coast

Oregon Will Stop Using Marijuana Tax Revenue To Fund Police
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For those who want a taste of the Emerald Triangle but perhaps on a tighter budget, you may want to consider A road trip from Oregon to Seattle. The Emerald Triangle stretches into Oregon, allowing you to sample the same ideal marijuana conditions, but at a fraction of the price. In fact, according to, living costs are 19.9% higher in Los Angeles than in Portland, Oregon’s largest city. 

While you may pay 20% less, you will still get all sorts of breathtaking beauty. From lush old-growth forests to quaint seaside towns along cliffs, an Oregon Coast roadtrip is nothing short of breathtaking. Sure, Oregon’s gas prices are still the fifth highest in the nation, but this trip won’t break the bank nearly as much as a California coast trip.

Reno To Las Vegas

Las Vegas Cannabis Comeback Is Underway
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If you love cannabis but are on a budget, and want to see nature but also love a party – look no further than a road trip from Reno to Las Vegas. Both Reno and Las Vegas are known for gambling and nightlife, but now they also have legal marijuana. Since both cities have successful casinos, it is often easy to find very reasonable hotel room rates, which can help cut down on your costs.

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Lake Tahoe is a great stop to enjoy a bit of nature and tranquility between these two high energy destinations. Once you arrive in Las Vegas, however, you might be able to be one of the first cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy a cannabis lounge. As we previously reported, Nevada passed legislation to allow cannabis lounges in the state. This means at the end of a day of driving you can mix and mingle with a joint in a modern Vegas-style lounge environment. Not a bad way to end a day on the road.

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