Observations gave an indication in California, but now Canada has the data. Legal marijuana is taking some of the foam and market share from beer.  But beer lovers, don’t panic yet, it is still the #3 most popular drink in the world behind water and tea. IT has been the king of hot days, after work hangouts and college campuses.  But a new era has emerged.

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This research, published last week in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, not only marks a significant shift in the alcohol market but also raises questions about the broader implications of cannabis legalization on alcohol consumption habits.

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Already, Gen Z has changed their drinking habits. Data shows alcohol has a smaller appeal to a strong percentage of Gen Z drinking-age adults (aged 21-24). A total of 27% say they never drink alcoholic beverages. Gen Z adults who drink do so more frequently than older adults – 47% of all Gen Z adults (21+) drink alcohol daily to weekly. Baby Boomer drinkers drink the least frequently, with 35% of all Boomers drinking alcohol at least weekly.

Beer also has a few disadvantages as opposed to marijuana. Beer has higher calories, filling and, comparatively, a bit more expensive.  A quick gummy on a Monday night can take the edge off the day with less weight gain and a more filling wallet.

The study’s authors concluded that the legalization of non-medical cannabis was linked to an immediate downturn in beer sales, a trend which persisted into the post-legalization period. This indicates a potential shift in consumer behavior, with individuals increasingly turning to legal cannabis as an alternative to beer.

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This is a positive societal sign as marijuana legalization spread. While not health food, cannabis has fewer harmful side effects and has proven medical benefits.

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