It is hump day – just far enough from Monday to make the week seem long and yet days away from the weekend.  A YouGov poll said Wednesday was, you guessed it, in the middle of the pack for most like/disliked day of the week.  As marijuana popularity increases and it becomes legal in more locations, tests and studies of marijuana’s benefits are  becoming more available, so why not use it for helping make midweek shine!

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Decrease The Fatigue

Use marijuana as a midweek energy boost. A recent study shows on average, 91.94% of people experienced decreased fatigue following cannabis consumption. The study involved 1,224 people who recorded 3,922 cannabis flower self-administration sessions in a one month period. Cannabis flowers labeled as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid didn’t differ in symptom relief. Also, the cannabis consumed through the use of a joint to combust flowers had more significant symptom relief than the use of pipes and vaporizers.

A Better Sleep

Halfway through the work week, school week, or just a stressful week, you might want to know marijuana consumers have another benefit over non-smokers: more deep sleep. Scientist report deep sleep is the most essential of all for feeling rested and staying healthyDuring deep sleep, your body takes the time to repair any damage that occurred during the day. In particular, muscular damage and issues with your immune system.  Wake up refreshed to take on the rest of week!

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Make You Calmer and Happier

When you’re stressed, you have less of a particular chemical in your brain. That chemical is anandamide (AEA). AEA is like an anti-anxiety pill that your body produces naturally.  In fact, when your body is stressed or anxious, it actually begins to produce more enzymes that get rid of anandamide in your body. This makes you feel tense, nervous, and downright awful.

Active chemicals in marijuana help by inhibiting the anxiety-inducing enzymes. They also help by acting similarly to natural anti-anxiety compounds in the brain.

Marijuana, it seems, can help the mind and body relax, simply allowing a person to enjoy the moment.

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana Causes People To Have More Sex
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Putting the Hump into Hump Day

Hump day brings on jokes about camels and, well, humping.  Cannabis can help make a midweek romp more fun.  Participants in a study published in the National Library of Medicine found that cannabis helped them relax, heightened their sensitivity to touch, and increased intensity of feelings, thus enhancing their sexual experience, while others found that cannabis interfered by making them sleepy and less focused or had no effect on their sexual experience

Instead, maybe opt for a few puffs of a joint or a vape – something that has rapid effects, but is not so potent that you cannot control your dosage. Keep in mind that although these recent studies have shown cannabis can improve intimacy, other studies have shown the sluggish and negative effects of consuming too much THC.

Bring joy into the middle of the week and make the most of your hump day.

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