Everyone seems rushed, irritated and even annoying – sometimes you just want to mental slip away – marijuana might be a short term answer

Work, kids, the election year and social media can all make our day to day rushed, irritating and stressed.  Sometimes you just want to mental slip away and let your troubles fall evaporate and let your body and soul relax and enjoy a moment. Cannabis can help you have an hour or two to just be in the moment.  And unlike alcohol, there isn’t a hangover which can or can’t pop up afterwards. Microdosing is another option as you engage in activities to just let you sink into a relaxed mood. Here are the best moments to slip into bliss by consuming marijuana.

Here are the best blissful moment to consume marijuana and right your soul.  Just remember if you vape, using an oil or go old school and smoke, you will feel THC quickly.  Edibles, including gummies, can take 30-60 minutes to hit.

Taking a bath

If has been a long and you you and your body are exhasuted and a hot bath is always inviting. Set the scene with scented candles and relaxing tunes then consume a little marijuana. Once you’ve settled in, achieve physical and psychological serenity. The warm water and soothing tunes will align with the plant and let your anxiety float away.

Enjoy a good meal

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Microdosing can be a hit here as you just want to take the edge off.  Cannabis will help you savor every flavor and enjoy each dish.  You’ll be awed by every appetizer, soup, salad, entrée and decadent dessert that arrives at your table. Certain strains will help you avoid the munchies so you don’t go overboard.

Working out with weed.

1 in 3 people have improved workouts after smoking marijuana
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Working out and marijuana gives an endorphin high. The runner’s high” is very much akin to the cannabis experience, because exercise activates the endocannabinoid system in the same way as consuming weed. It can also give your metabolism a boost. For runners, it alleviates the tedium of putting one foot in front of the other. For those who opt for exercise machines, which are designed to isolate individual muscle groups, cannabis will allow you to focus more keenly on the contraction of those muscles. Many yoga enthusiasts swear by cannabis because it marginalizes linear thought and focuses awareness on breathing and proper alignment.

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Clean your home or gardening

Some people find bliss in a clean house or a beautiful garden. Some strings of Cannabis will place you in a zone of achievement – even actual play! Pay attention to your thought processes. You’ll find that the mind entertains itself as the body scrubs the bathroom. It will bounce happily from topic to topic and wrap itself around pleasant ideas. You’ll solve problems and find solutions.

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Movies & music

Cannabis lets your mind settle and focus, which makes experience amazing. Music is richer, jokes are funnier.  Some people feel it is like you are in the movies or part of the music. Whether you are settled in a big, dark, comfortable movie theater/auditorium or snuggled on your couch, your mind can lose itself. All of your senses are deprived except for sight and sound. And because cannabis seems to promote empathy, involvement with the action on-screen is enhanced. You might want to focus on more upbeat movies and not on extreme action or horror.

Commune with nature

Losing yourself in nature is great, whether an urban stroll or a walk on the beach, forest, meadow, etc. you realize the outside is great place. Re-establishing the connection with fresh air, birds singing and the nature can delight your soul. After consuming, you can observe the world’s palette of colors, feel the wind, bask in the sun. Allow your worries and problems to diminish.

Getting it on

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Evidence indicates  cannabis users report physical and sensual enhancement, making for a fuller time of enjoyment.. Cannabis eases anxiety, giving an opportunity to go with the flow and delight in the experience.

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