Life is full of ups and downs but nothing, it seems, is a rough as a breakup.  Whether it is a first true love, the connection you finally think you got right, or a long term figuring it out where we are going type of relationship – it hurts and sometimes it hurts bad.  Days of self recrimination, over or under eating, tears, no sleep, no smile, no joy.  Well, while consuming want mend the hurt, it might help gently move a better place.

A broken heart can causes intense emotional pain. According to a study, people experience the same brain activity for both emotional and physical pain. This means that the body responds to a heart break as if you’re literally breaking your heart.

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Cannabis, however, could help you deal with this emotional stress. When consumed marijuana releases cannabinoids, which the body naturally produces to control your mood.  As you go through the stages of accepting the loss, your body and mind are not sending direction for your body to relax.  It can help stimulate a healthy balance of cannabinoids inside the brain so someone can relatively control how much sadness they are feeling.

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The CB1 receptor in the brain triggers from consuming cannabis, which gives a euphoric or happy feeling as well. Cannabis has a THC content that stimulates the chemical compounds in the brain that control mood, emotions, and behavioral attitudes.  THC itself can boost the amount of “happy” chemicals released into the body.

Prescription pills also produce dopamine, however, cannabis is natural and a safer choice. There are not harsh side effects, like the ones you find in most prescription pills. And there is less chance for dependency.  The nice things about marijuana is it can help in small dose, there is no need for blackouts, drunken scenes, etc.  you can just chill and listen to your favorite music and fall back in love with yourself.

Once you have gotten to emotionally stable ground, consider a walk, hanging with friends and building a wonderful relationship with yourself.  A strong you makes for a stronger us.

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Remember, getting too dependent on anything to help you in a tough situation is dangerous. Heartbreak is a terrible pain and most people want to avoid it at all costs, including becoming very dependent on what takes away the pain.

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