Copious amounts of carb-heavy food and washed down with all sorts of drink can leave you in in a drowsy state while you body keeps processing everything. The holiday starts on Friday and there are celebration to come.  Maybe the the week after Thanksgiving is time to provide your body with a reset, taking a break from all things turkey and alcohol — at least until holiday parties kick in. Can marijuana help a post-Thanksgiving detox.

Detoxing is best approached with a light attitude, not as something you do to lose weight, but to give your body a break, the chance to ingest something healthy, regulating your digestive system and your mood.

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Kristen Williams, one of the authors of “Coming Clean With Cannabis,” a cannabis cleanse guide. She explained some of the plant’s features and why it can help you get your cleanse on. “Cannabis enhances the endocannabinoid system, which keeps our bodies in a balanced state,” she said. These findings are supported by a variety of studies that link the endocannabinoid system to stress, sleep and gut health.

This imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants is called oxidative stress, and is something that cannabis is known to battle. Like other detox ingredients, THC, an important antioxidant, reduces this stress. When consumed as an edible or a tincture, the results should be magnified, especially since you’re not introducing other toxins like smoke and vapor to mess with your detoxification process.

There’s also CBD. While the compound has little research behind it, CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote cardiovascular health, aspects that could be beneficial when applied to a detox.

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4 healthy tips before starting a juice cleanse this spring
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Detox practices vary from person to person, with some choosing more extreme measures than others. While some detoxes have earned a muddy reputation, a sensible detox that eliminates alcohol, smoking, and foods loaded up with fats while promoting exercise, drinking water and eating healthy foods can only lead to good results.

By adding some weed in the mix, you might maximize these benefits and have an easier time while you detox. At the very least, you’ll have some fun.

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