It can be a miserable time of month – especially for those who suffer extreme pain….but cannabis can help.

It is a fact of life and comes almost like clockwork. Some 60% of woman have mild cramps during their period and about 5% to 15% report period pain that’s so severe that it affects their daily activities. Experts aren’t quite sure why some have more pain others.  Since this is a little research area, some scientist rely on everyone’s body is different. Symptoms include aching, throbbing pain or a feeling of pressure in the abdomen, pain in the hips, lower back and inner thighs along with nausea, dizziness and headaches.  The good news is cannabis can help painful menstrual cramps.


Some simple ways to help reduce the pain is to ensure you have enough rest and avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. Cannabis is proven to have medical benefits, especially with inflammation and pain relief. Marijuana expands blood vessels which helps reduce cramps, and relieve headaches and other minor pain. It is also fast acting, often quicker than natural or other medicines.

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While edibles and smoking may help, many women are turning to topicals and cannabis suppositories for pain relief. With 50% of the country having access to legal weed, it can be considered a viable option.  While more research needs to be done, anecdotal data indicts it can help and quickly.

Suppositories or cannabis tampons can provide quick pain relief. They take around 15 minutes to work, and directly affect the pelvis muscles and uterus, relaxing the insides and reducing tension. Best to use them right before bed or when you’re going to be laying down for a while. Relax, and be sure to wear something for the sake of your underwear.

Another way is cannabis bath salts. An effective way to combat pain and period cramps is relaxation, which can be facilitated with a nice long bath and some fancy bath salts.  They can provide relief for up to 5 hours but might leave you a little loopy afterwards.

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A cannabis balm can be used anywhere on the body, including the the site of the cramps.  It is an analgesic, so if the cramps are particularly powerful, add a spoonful of the balm to the insides of your vagina and let it melt. Do this when you have time to let the balm do it’s work.

Studies have shown can also lift moods, and more than just temporarily.  Marijuana can also help minimize mood swings and bring overall mood stability. Cannabis can aid in the regulation of our brain’s neurotransmitters which can help us get better control of our emotions.

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