Concerts, blockbuster movies, sporting events and outdoor bbqs are filled with a crowds having fun and enjoying the moment.  Nothing can irritate people more than a weird or funky odor.  Axe Body Spray spent a fortune on marketing to let young men know it is good to both look and smell good!

With recreation marijuana legal in 23 states and 40 for medical, more and more people are adding it to their “night out” enjoyment. Conducted by New Frontier Data, a survey revealed that participants between the ages of 18 to 24 largely preferred cannabis to alcohol (69%).  Roughly 43+ million adults use cannabis annually.  And they are not doing it all alone.

The number one way people consume is through flower.  Bowls, bongs, joints are still popular and embrace the “essence” of plant.  You can almost smell the history.

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The second most popular way is vaping. There was an estimated 55 million e-cigarette users worldwide in 2021.  Twenty percent of 18 to 29 year olds use vape products, compared with 16% of those ages 30 to 64, and fewer than 0.5% among those 65 and older. This is a much easier, discreet way to use marijuana, but the question is – does it smell?

Vaping does smell, but the scent doesn’t linger the way it does with joints, bowls and bongs. Rather, the vapor dissipates very quickly, so the odor is gone almost as soon as it appears. In large indoor and definitely outdoor spaces it isn’t as annoying to people around you and much more accommodating so everyone having a good time.

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Kim Ring, cannabis publicist and founder of Ring Relations,  shared “I think if you are outdoors the smell won’t necessarily carry and be bothersome, but if you are in a small room and smoking a vape pen, there’s a good chance it’ll smell for a short while. It won’t necessarily linger like flower would though. movie theatre is fine honestly. If you go to the movies, take one of the corner seats on the upper level.  Personally I have never seen anyone get kicked out for vaping.”

If you are doing an outdoor family reunion, it is a great way to consume without either announcing you use or maybe even having to share!

Scott in Washington says he believes it is odorless and his partner agrees.  It is kind to make sure those closest to you agree with the “atmosphere” you create.

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It is good manners to think of others as you do things that could impact it, so vaping is a way to enjoy what you want in a crowd without spoiling other people’s fun.

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