Getting high is a simple process yet one that can be affected by many different factors. A lot has been said about cannabis and just how little is known about the plant. One of the most interesting parts of consuming it is how it can vary greatly depending on the user, with some people loving its effects and others claiming that it makes them feel paranoid and anxious.

Cannabis leads to very personal and introspective experiences, affecting users differently, but there are a few outside factors that can influence how your body responds to the drug. Here are 5 factors you can play with in order to have better control of your marijuana high.


How To Get Edibles To Affect You Faster
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The most influencing factor on this list is the method in which you consume cannabis. Consuming an edible, smoking a joint or taking a hit from a bong result in very different highs. For example, edibles take longer to have an effect but produce much stronger and long lasting highs than joints or bongs. A hit from a bong can be much harder to manage for inexperienced users than a hit from a joint. Get to know the different ways of consuming cannabis and tread carefully if it’s your first time.


do cannabis products over promise and under deliver
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Dosages are also very important. A wrong one can either put you to sleep or prompt a really anxious state of mind. When trying out a new strain, consuming an edible or dabbing, the dose you choose can make or break your high. Do your research and always start off slow. Here’s an essential THC dosing guide for marijuana beginners.


How To Sniff Out Free Weed At A Party
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How experienced you are with the plant dictates how well you’ll adapt to it. Tolerance is personal, changing from user to user and making it likely for you and a friend to have different dosing levels even if you share similar body types and level of experience with the plant. The more you consume cannabis, the more you’ll get a feel for your tolerance level.


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Setting is vital when it comes to marijuana, dictating how the high will hit you. If you’re in a crowded or an empty space you might end up with different highs, having more of a party mood in the former scenario or a couch-like high in the latter. If you’re a beginner, the best way to consume marijuana would be to do so in a space that feels safe with friends you trust.


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THC and CBD focused strains produce different effects — one contains psychedelics (THC) and the other will leave you relaxed and likely unable to do more than sit on the couch. Do your research and try out different types, sticking with the one that you like best and that works more with your body type. Here’s what to know about vaping CBD.

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