When you get into the cannabis sector as a first-time user, you want to ask some key questions that offer insights into what you can expect on your marijuana journey. One such question regards knowing the difference between getting high and getting stoned.

One has also to understand what it means to be baked, buzzed, and couch-locked. Yes, there is a lot of cannabis lingo to know, so let us begin with the differences between being stoned, high, and other words used to describe a marijuana experience.

Marijuana is gaining lots of traction and acceptance, which is why more people have questions about the herb’s impact on their mental state. Marijuana, as you may already know, is often mentioned for its psychotropic properties. It is famous for the intoxicating feeling its users enjoy after ingesting it.

Smoking More Weed Gets You Higher — Until A Point

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Therefore the terms “high” and “stoned” are used interchangeably to describe the outcome of utilizing THC-based cannabis. But are these feelings and reactions the same? If you feel confused, it’s okay; you are on a learning curve, and this article will provide all of the information you require. You will gain an understanding of the meaning of “baked,” “stoned,” “high,” and “couch-locked.”

What It Means To Be Buzzed

There are different levels of cannabis sensation, and the feeling of being buzzed is level one. From the title given to this level, you can tell that it is the first jolt to your body’s system, just as the intoxicant substance gets into your bloodstream.

You will slowly start to feel some changes creep into your mental and physical state, and at this level, you may not feel incapacitated. You will be experiencing early signs of the substance taking over, which will manifest through fits of giggles and a war state of euphoria.

What It Means To Be High

From being buzzed, you get into level two, where you are now high, and this is when you get your mood uplifted. The high you feel will depend on a couple of factors such as:

With regards to the quality and potency of the strain, a high-quality weed can enable you to remain high for up to 4 hours. You will feel numerous sensations, from being highly sociable to being giggly. Some people feel paranoid and anxious with levels of intoxication; they will have red eyes, cottonmouth, and lower lids. There are also two levels of highness: the physical high and the cerebral high.

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The physical high is all about your bodily sensations, while the cerebral high is about being mentally stimulated such that you feel creative and focused.

So why do we become high? Well, it is all because of the endocannabinoid system, which oversees several bodily functions and maintains balance. Our bodies produce some signaling molecules called endocannabinoids, and anandamide is one of them. When anandamide binds with CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, it leads to positive, uplifting, and warm emotions, which are described as “High.”

What It Means To Be Stoned

The term “stoned” can be traced to biblical times when people accused of doing wrong were pelted with stones for their indiscretion. The word was also mainly used in the 1920s and 1930s and ascribed to those with excessive wine and look like a bag of stones.

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While being high is akin to getting “up”, being stoned is a form of heavy and tired sensation reaction to cannabis consumption. When someone is high, everything seems to move excitedly fast, but a good stone makes the person feel like everything is slow.

Most people agree that a “high” converts into a “stone” within hours of peak intoxication. Although under the psychotropic impact of marijuana, stoned persons will feel quite hungry and lethargic while also feeling relaxed.

Smoking Marijuana

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The way marijuana is consumed also affects the person’s experience of being high or stoned. For example, if you dab potent THC concentrates within the 80%+ level, you will likely experience a cerebral high. On the other hand, edibles will take a very long time to kick in, but you will experience a long-lasting stoned feeling when they eventually kick in.

You will be couch-locked because of the terpenes in the cannabis plant. Terpenes release aromatic molecules, which is the deciding factor for the flavor and scent of marijuana. Terpenes also influence the effect of cannabis on your body. For instance, myrcene terpenes soothe the human body ad enables restful sleep while Limonene terpenes uplift and energize.

What It Means To Be Baked

You will hear this term within your marijuana circles, and being baked is the opposite of being buzzed. When you get to the baked level, it means you have gone higher than being stoned or high. At that stage, your brain is cooked, and you may hardly function as a human being.

Some cannabis users worry about getting to this state because they want to ascend to normal levels after taking cannabis. But for some others, the goal is to be baked. It is easy to identify a baked person: you cannot miss their bloodshot eyes and loud laughter. They will always have a wide grin on their faces and latch on to snacks you present.

Bottom Line

You are now better equipped with information about the differences between the concept of being stoned and being high. However, if you want to know if you are couch-locked or if you are energetic the next time you enjoy a smoke, you should observe the chemovar classification in your chosen strain.

Remember, there will be times when a light buzz will be sufficient and other times when it feels like you are thoroughly baked; there are varying times for these moments. As you go on with your cannabis journey, you will eventually figure out what happens to you. When you get it, you will have an even more enjoyable marijuana moment.

This article originally appeared on Cannabis.net and has been reposted with permission.

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