The concept of popping open a beer after work was ingrained in the boomer generation as a way to relax and shake off the troubles of the day.  But younger millennials and Gen Z have a different take.  As seen in fully legal states, beer sales are down, and in recent research, they are moving to cannabis.  So how much marijuana to take to be happy and shake it off?

Different generations chill and relax in different ways.  Earlier boomers had cocktails, late boomers and Gen X had illicit weed, valium and drinks, now the youngest adults are moving to vaping and gummies.  While it should not be done too regularly, sometimes the world just gives you a rough go.  Whether a jerk at work, car trouble or just a full flung case of the grumpies, sometimes you need a distraction.  But how much of a dose should take to be happy?

First, you need to make sure it isn’t a daily habit, addiction is no joke and problems can occur.  But on this days when you just want to kick back and chill after a hard day, what do you do. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago report low levels tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, does reduce stress, but in a highly dose-dependent manner: very low doses lessened the jitters of a public-speaking task, while slightly higher doses — enough to produce a mild “high” — actually increased anxiety.

Consumer data shows the younger generation is leaning into a few hits of a vape or a gummy or two Monday – Wednesday.  Rather than have the hangover, the calories, and the alcohol high, they want something smoother and less fattening.

If you a canna newbie or an occasionally user, a mild relaxant could be about 2.5 mg.  if you want to up it, 2.5-5 mg. work.  For the more frequent use mild would go to 2.5-5 mg and to increase it would be 5-10 mg.  Products purchased in a dispensary have a labels with dosage to help you manage.

You can also chat with the bud tender.  A little trial and error can help you figure out what you want to relax and find your happy spot.

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