Some days are crazy than others, but by folding in some self-care daily, every day can be more positive.

Not everyday can be easy, fun and productive, but with a little effort, it doesn’t have to be a full on miserable 24 hours.  Some days are more stressful and difficult, but there are a few things you can do to mitigate it helping both your physical and mental health. Routine is key as it is tough to remind ourselves to think of ourselves. Especially since most find it easier to default and spend time scrolling screens.

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As kids, we are taught behavior through repetition. Many educators find children respond well to a routine because research tells us consistent, positive practices can reduce anxiety.  Most people fall into some form of pattern, which may not be helpful or healthy.  Adding points throughout the day to jar our body into something positive. Here is how to add daily self-care.

Find one thing positive

Every day find at least one thing positive to appreciate. Be it a good cup of coffee, music while in the shower, smiling at people, you will see it will have an almost immediate impact.  Mix it up to help your brain register positive feedback throughout the day. It could even be allowing yourself to laugh at one dad joke a day.

Go outside

Fresh air and movement are two things which help the body adjust.  Despite the weather, it is lift for the brain. It not only cleans your lungs, it can also boost your mood, lower your heart rate, increase energy levels and even improve digestion. Take a few minutes everyday to talk a short walk, it doesn’t have to be long, around the block, from the back of the parking lot, or from one building to the next. The brace of the air will is good and the exercise will help your body recalibrate.

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Find a mental happy spot

While meditation is one way to help be calm, it isn’t the only way. Meditation can be practiced whenever you have some quiet and the ability to close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

You can also find your happy place in thoughts, reflecting or planning a favorite trip, a certain hobby or spot, making a favorite dish or planning your dream meal. Shower time is the perfect space to do this, setting aside a couple of minutes where you can contemplate life alone with no sound except for the water (or singing if it is your happy place).

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Avoid your phone

Despite the many ways a mobile can help your life, it can also be the giver of the bearer of bad news.  Emails, calls, etc all causing disruption.  Set limits – only look at it for set amount of time in the morning.  Instead of scrolling screens with news, play solataire/patience. Find a time of day when you don’t need it, like when you’re focused on something, such as reading, stretching or watching a show. Put your phone down near you or keep it out of sight completely.

Most of all, make sure you and your phone don’t sleep together.  Give it a gentle good night at least 20 minutes before you head to sleep.

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