March is here, which means we’re gearing up for spring and all the freshness and opportunities the season brings along with it. In celebration, Kurvana has named their newest Strain of the Month from their coveted ASCND™ line: Pink Sherbet.

Like all of the strains in their meticulously curated ASCND™ line, Pink Sherbet is a high-level oil that prioritizes intense potency with a smooth, mild taste.

With maximized THC levels, ASCND™ oils provide immediate (and intense) effects. As high-cannabinoid, full-spectrum, single-origin extracts, these oils have the ideal composition for users who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile, with crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.

Kurvana’s Strain of the Month (SOTM) is no occasion to sleep on. Highlighting the best cannabis that Mother Nature has to offer, they are offering spectacular deals on sets that include the SOTM 0.5 mL cartridge and a top-of-the-line battery that is built to last.

Ready for Spring? Here is what you have to look forward to:

ASCND Pink Sherbet 0.5 mL cartridge + Pearl White buttonless battery $35

Pink Sherbet
Hybrid / Sweet | Citrus | Earthy
A refreshing blend of strawberry and banana that cuts through mental fogginess with zesty herbal notes.

Strain Effects: Relieves Anxiety and Stress / Increases Energy and Appetite / Encourages Creativity / Uplifts Mood / Reduces Inflammation and Pain / Promotes Peaceful Sleep

March is Women’s History Month. And with women becoming increasingly involved in the cannabis world, Kurvana wants to highlight some amazing companies dreamed up by women in the legal cannabis space by donating a percentage of their SOTM proceeds to connect, educate, and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders.

To learn more about Kurvana’s community outreach, their ASCND™ line, and other strains of the month, visit their site.

Interested in March’s SOTM deal? Act fast! Prices are so low that supply is limited. Find it here.

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