A long holiday weekend gives most people the time to relax, unwind and, at least temporarily, put the issues of work, the news, and general life behind them.  Things are a bit crazy and a holiday gives the freedom to disconnect and find your inner self.

Here are five suggestions to help you chill out while consuming cannabis on this holiday weekend.

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Lose yourself in music

The classic way to chill while consuming is with music.  With or without headset the music wraps around your soul and penetrates your inner being.  Line up your favorites or explore new genres.  Open our mind and let the sound weave its way through your brain and bring the bliss to the forefront.

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Savor a nap

After a week of work, escaping into a nice, long weed nap is one of the best things. When your eyelids start to feel heavy and your eyes stop working, you know some good stuff is about to come your way. Collapse into the heaviness, and enjoy a deep snooze. Wake up refreshed, renewed and ready for whatever is next.

Watch your favorite shows from your youth

Whether it is Sponge Bob, the Regular Show, Friends, or anything in between.  Consumer and losing yourself in some nostalgia is a way to return to a more careful space. Thanks to Amazon, Netflix and Youtube, you can be laughing for hours and enjoying old friends.

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Relax in nature

Whether in a cozy spot in the backyard, stretched by the water, or just in a meadow or lawn, it is great to sink into nature. Part of the wonder of marijuana is that it is a medicine that comes from the Earth. Maybe that’s why it feels so good to chill in nature after partaking. Find a spot to enjoy the sunset while you immense yourself in the sky as it change colors is a wonder for you mind.

Scroll TicTok

No matter what you are into, TikTok has content that you want to see. From mild gardening and DIY cleaning hacks to extreme sports and pranks and everything in between, if you want to chill, laugh, or just be amazed, check out TikTok. Careful, you will likely end up scrolling for longer than you anticipated.

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Not matter what you do this weekend, take some time for yourself.

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