Gift giving can be tough – finding the perfect present takes thought, skill and time….and sometines you just don’t have the time. More than 140 million people will be out getting those last minute gifts according to the National Retailers Association.  You have seen them driving around, printing pictures from the internet and frantic looking for open stores. Don’t stress yourself out looking for the perfect thing – we have an idea. Marijuana makes a great last minute gift.

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There are some other non-cannabis ideas.  Gift cards (if you know what they like), the new Bailey’s Chocolate is a little piece of heavens, or a fun subscription like to a Master Class, media like there favorite news site, or movie tickets (Where they are also open late).  But with 18% of people using, why not give the gift of weed?

Photo by Hans via Pixabay

Over 50% of the country has access to legal cannabis and it is mainstreaming quicker than you think.  According to BDSA, women are almost equal to men who use.  And according to the Pew Research, 90% believe it should be legal in some form.  So with almost 20% of the population consuming, why not give it as a gift.  Dispensaries stay up late so it is truly a great last minute gift.

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If you are giving marijuana as a gift, consider gummies. They are by the most used form with almost 49% saying they use gummies over anything else.  Next would be chocolate edibles, easy to use and easy to managing the dosing.

A fun idea could also be a Hemp Drink, found in convince stores, dispensaries and in some states, liquor stores, these make for an alternative to beer. Although hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive components of the cannabis plant like marijuana, it can still give you a buzz.  And brewers who create hemp ales still must follow proper licensing and regulations on state and federal levels.

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