The 93rd Academy Awards aired last night, looking very different than they traditionally do. Held two months later than usual and in a different venue that allowed for social distancing measures, this year’s awards show honored the best movies of the year all the while reminding viewers of the importance of the cinematic experience.

Despite the smaller and more casual event, the show tried its hardest to remain as fancy as possible, including the traditional swag bags.

This year Oscar gift bags were delivered to nominees in a very pandemic way: Postmates. But regardless of delivery method, items in the swag bag have an estimated value of over $200,000.

which oscar nominees will eat the edibles in their luxury swag bag
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“We did want the bags to feel like they had a bigger purpose than just, ‘here’s a bag full of free stuff,’” Lash Fary, founder of the company that assembles the gift bags, told Fortune. “All of the bags that we’ve been doing have been from female-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, disabled entrepreneurs, and companies who give back—even ones that you wouldn’t necessarily think give back.”

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This year’s loot featured a lot of wellness and health oriented presents, including vitamin therapy for treating hangovers, sleep tracker headbands, liposuction sessions, free stays at luxury hotels and resorts, and more. Continuing the Oscar tradition of providing guests with high quality weed paraphernalia, the swag bag included a Hollowtips 24 karat gold vape pen.

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Perhaps the most controversial and 2021 item of the bag was a non-fungible token (NFT) of the late Chadwick Boseman. Made by artist Andrew Oshea, the NFT was auctioned off with 50% of proceeds donated to the Colon Cancer Foundation.

In one of the night’s biggest upsets, Anthony Hopkins won the Best Actor award over Boseman, a move that appeared to surprised the Oscar programmers, who shuffled the order of the awards show in hopes of closing out the program with Boseman’s big awaited win. Things clearly didn’t go according to plan. Still, Oscar attendees will always have that NFT printout.

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