There are easily almost a thousand, if not more, cannabis strains in the world right now. And we all have at least one favorite — one that we can rely on for good times and bad. They make us feel better, laugh, sleep, and just experience the lighter side of life after a puff or two.

Going through the list of strain names available today can be overwhelming at the very least, because strains are typically given colorful and unique names to remember them by.

Strains can be named so because of their aroma, flavor, taste, and effects. But did you know that there are some downright bizarre strains out there too? Check these out:

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Dr. Grinspoon

Dr. Grinspoon is a strain dedicated to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a renowned psychiatry professor and cannabis advocate at Harvard. He was initially against marijuana — believing it was dangerous — until he researched it himself and found it was less harmful and addictive compared to tobacco and alcohol. After that, he became a crusader fighting for marijuana.

Dr. Grinspoon is a sativa heirloom strain that was bred by the Barneys Farm in Amsterdam. It has some strange growth characteristics, such as how it develops small buds similar to berries, whereas normal cannabis would grow bud in branch nodes. It doesn’t look like a regular cannabis plant, making this an ideal variety for marijuana growers who want to try growing something different, or for those looking for discretion.

Dr. Grinspoon is recommended for individuals looking for a highly cerebral and creative strain, as it increases sensory awareness and activity. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain, ADHD, and mood disorders can benefit from the effects of this special strain.


Freakshow is the result of a genetic mutation, evident in its rather strange leaf structure. Also known as the Cannabis Lusus Monstra, the leaves of this strain resemble ferns, making it another great choice for those who want to discreetly grow cannabis plants.

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Freakshow is the brainchild of Shapeshifter, an American cannabis breeder hailing from California. The genetic mutation that gives this strain its odd-looking leaves has also been observed in other plants, though there isn’t much known about it. Shapeshifter worked on several mutant plants, and the Humboldt Seed Company eventually stepped in to assist stabilization of seeds in order to produce more of them by 2019.

There are many reasons to try Freakshow despite its unusual appearance. For one, it has a pungent diesel-like aroma as well as notes of grapefruit, eucalyptus, and thyme. Many have also observed vanilla and banana flavors after smoking. It results in a clear-headed high, consistent with many sativa strains, followed by a warm body tingling. Freakshow is a fantastic choice for a daytime smoke if you are looking to try something new.

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Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck is a cross between Ducksfoot and Frisian Dew, created by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion. It stands out because of its strange cannabis leaves which came about due to a genetic mutation.

The fact that Frisian Duck’s leaves look like a duck’s footprint conceals it from prying eyes. You can easily grow this in your city or urban home and not have much to worry about. This hybrid strain has a mild yet spicy aroma, with notes of fresh pine, citrus, and forest. However, it doesn’t have a strong smell unlike other pungent cannabis strains, another reason why this can help you keep a low profile when growing them at home.

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When fully grown, Frisian Duck cannabis plants look like a Christmas tree. They have massive flowers and result in a large yield when grown correctly. Its flowers often end up purple once matured. The light citrus and forest flavors are extra delicious for a morning toke to help wake you up.

Australian Bastard  

Another cannabis strain that can easily be disguised is the Australian Bastard. Due to its unconventional physical properties, these typically go unnoticed to the untrained eye. As the name suggests, it originated down under, where it’s also known as Bindi Buds or ABC.

The Australian Bastard cannabis strain doesn’t have a strong odor and an unusual leaf shape, which is why it usually goes unnoticed. During colder temperatures, it can result in buds that have a purple hue. This strain has a desirable pine and lemon flavor, with tones of fennel. It’s the result of a stable genetic mutation that has adapted to the Australian environment.

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However, Australian Bastard cannabis has low THC levels, usually under 5%. This makes it very different from otherwise high potency strains that are popular in the market. This strain may be hard to find but its rarity is one of the many things that make it special.

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Black Haze

Black Haze is named after its very dark purple leaves, which can sometimes look black from afar. It’s a very potent strain, the result of crossing Sir Jack, Pakistani Chitral Kush, and Skunk Auto.

Upon smoking, one can’t help but notice its one-of-a-kind yet extremely delicious flavor profile: woodsy notes underneath, and tasty berries and cherries on top. Black Haze strains usually have a high THC content, ideal for getting all that stress out the window and relaxing you, mentally and physically. At small doses, Black Haze can induce a clear-headedness that is suitable for productivity and focus, allowing you to problem-solve and discover creative solutions.

Patients can benefit from its pain-killing and calming properties. This is a wonderful social strain to share with your friends, and for those with social anxiety, it can help melt those worries away. Smoke some Black Haze at the end of a tiring work day to experience blissful relief.

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