Many a Saturday has been spoiled by too much fun on a Friday night.  Hangovers have been a weekend curse for generations. While it is fun to let loose, if you go to far it can spoil part of the weekend.  With marijuana mainstreaming, it is easy to enjoy Friday night after a busy work work and totally relax, but too sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and boom – couchlock!

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Couchlock is a term used to describe a particular state of intense physical relaxation, a stoned feeling, and impaired movement control. This occurs as a result of using certain cannabis strains. It is an experience in which someone feels so overwhelmingly relaxed they literally feel glued to the couch or chair where they are sitting. It becomes mentally difficult to get up or move freely. Here are tips on how to avoid couchlock.

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Know yourself  You know your tolerance so dose correctly to get to where you want.  Be careful about going bit. Remember it takes a little while for the full effects to kick in so stay patient during the process. It’s easy to over consume if you don’t wait until the peak of your high. If you are prone to couchlock, dial back your indica use and go with a blend or a sativa.

Drink your juice – Drink your juice Shelby has been a meme for yearsIf you are finding yourself nodding off on the couch, consider grabbing a sugary soft drink, energy drink or sweet snack. Sugar-loaded treats are brimming with glucose, which will give you a boost of insulin and energy. Juice, sugar sodas, a milkshake are all good.

Eat – Like drinking, it is always better to start with something on your stomach. Food will help stave off some of the most ardent impacts of weed. Food helps the body as it processes and absorbs the chemicals that you’ve ingested. And it might keep from the munchies if you are already full.

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Move – Couchlock sneaks up on you as you are relaxed and not moving.  Don’t let your body get too comfortable avoid succumbing to the sedative qualities of weed. A quick walk, dance to great music or just change locations – living room, kitchen, dining table can make a bigger impact than you might think. Fresh air can make a difference allowing you stay a bit more alert.

Talk – Making your brain engaging in a little conversation, especially something you enjoy can make a big difference.  Find a friend and enjoy a nice convo while letting your mind open up!  Just don’t overpromise while excited.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.

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