A new study will please those of us who are looking for more ways to improve our skin, particularly those who love beer. Researchers in Italy found that a variety of elements present in craft beer could have some benefits for our skin due to their antioxidant power.

The study, conducted by a variety of researchers from the University of Camerino and the University of Bologna, was based on the fact that a high percentage of craft beers are made from ingredients like hops, malts, and yeast, thus likely to contain a good amount of antioxidants. Researchers theorized that these elements could be healthy for maintaining skin and preventing early aging.

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Published in the journal Cosmetics, the study found their theory to be accurate. The beers in question showed “the ability to improve the mitochondrial activity and prevent oxidative stress,” two features that are common in skin aging. Researchers concluded that “waste from handcrafted beers can be an interesting source of phenols for the preparation of skin anti-aging cosmetics.”

Sadly, this doesn’t mean that drinking craft beer can prevent aging and make your skin more beautiful. Still, it doesn’t disprove this theory, which is something to hold onto the next time you have a beer.

While we can’t say for sure that drinking beer is good for your skin, there are a variety of foods and drinks that have positive impacts on the skin when consumed. Healthline mentions foods like fatty fish and avocados, which can help skin stay moisturized and malleable, preventing inflammation and maintaining collagen levels, a pivotal element for maintaining healthy skin.

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Aside from the interest factor of this study, the research shows that experts are considering natural foods, ingredients, and organic elements for the benefit of our skin, and that, in some years, these could be added into skincare products, helping us nourish our skin in ways that are healthy and natural.

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