According to a new study, this relatively common practice could help women experience a higher sex drive. The research, published in the journal Sexual Medicine, claims that acupuncture can kickstart a woman’s libido and improve the lives of those with sexual dysfunction.

Over the course of more than three years (October 2018 to February 2022), researchers examined 24 female participants who shared similar traits; while they were of different ages — between 28 to 45 — they were all involved in regular relationships and experienced some form of sexual dysfunction.

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The women underwent two or three acupuncture sessions a week, with needles inserted in different parts of the body, including the top of their heads, stomachs, over the ovaries, under their knees, ankles, feet and lower backs.

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They filled out a questionnaire before and after their treatments, rating a variety of factors related to sexual pleasure and functioning, like sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, experiences with orgasms, and more.

After the treatment was conducted, all women reported better scores. In regards to sexual desire, the benefits were even greater, with 23 out of 24 participants claiming they experienced an improvement in arousal.

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While far from definitive, the study is promising, especially when viewed as a supplement to help symptoms and not cure them. Sexual dysfunction is a complex issue, one that affects men and women due to their lifestyle decisions and/or relationship dynamics.

Studies like this show how beneficial a holistic approach to medicine can be, and how addressing the body overall can improve different facets of people’s lives. While researchers may not completely understand why acupuncture has this effect on women, by stimulating their central nervous systems it appears to stimulate chemicals and lead to positive results.

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