Given how popular vaping has become in the cannabis community, it’s easy to assume that vaping is a one size fits all proposition, and that the end result is the same regardless of how you go about it. The reality is that while this may be a common thought process, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are a number of variables that have an impact on the vaping experience, none more vital than the substance being vaped and the device itself that’s being used. Having an understanding of how vaping cannabis cartridges is different from vaping dry herb can save you money and provide the framework for knowing how to achieve the exact sensation that you desire.

Cartridges Are Cut With Chemicals Which Alter Effects

Since cannabis cartridges are made with flavoring additives, along with a myriad of other chemicals naturally, it provides different effects from vaping dry herb cannabis.

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Dry herb cannabis vaporizers allow users to only load finely grounded cannabis buds into devices. This means cannabis consumers who use them are likely going to consume more THC than they would with cartridges. That caveat could explain why dry herb vaporizing provides such a different sensation from consuming cartridges.

Cartridges Reduce Amount Of Cannabinoids And Terpenes Consumed

Another factor that explains the difference between vaping cartridges and dry herbs is the lack of cannabinoids and terpenes that are consumed when people choose to vape cannabis cartridges.

Cannabinoids are a category of chemical compounds that are derived from cannabis that communicate with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Terpenes are the compounds within cannabis buds that are responsible for providing a strain with its unique scent and taste profile.

Terpenes and cannabinoids each are responsible for providing qualities that specific strains are known for. Since terpenes and cannabinoids can’t be found in cannabis cartridges, consumers who dry herb vape instead are likely going to be in for a completely different experience from those that choose to vape cartridges instead.

Vaping Dry Herb Cannabis Provides Greater Control Over  Smoking Experience

The devices themselves play a bigger role in the vaping experience than a lot of cannabis enthusiasts may realize. Each dry herb vaporizer comes with the ability to choose specific temperature settings for heating cannabis. Some even provide options for extended draws or shorter sessions.

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Cannabis cartridges are only able to be used with batteries that often only come with 2 or 3 pre-set temperature options. This means finding that “sweet spot” where the smoke isn’t too harsh, but the effects are perfectly satisfying, difficult for consumers to find. The dry herb cannabis vaporizers provide increased options for temperature settings means that vaping dry herb cannabis is easier for a lot of consumers.

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A Proper Dry Herb Vaping Experience Entails More Maintenance

Even though dry herb cannabis vaporizers offer more customization, they also require more upkeep from a maintenance perspective. Vaping with cannabis cartridges typically entails nothing more than affixing the cartridge onto the battery. Dry herb vape cartridges are much more involved since the mouthpiece, filter and chamber can get clogged with enough use.

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The key to maximizing the use of dry herb vaporizers is making sure it’s clean prior to each use. When it comes to vaping cannabis cartridges, maintenance has less of an effect on the end results as opposed to dry herb vaporizers where proper care can be make or break for consumers.

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