We might have smoked more weed this year than ever, but a big part of marijuana culture has been affected by the pandemic. While cannabis continues to be used to help ease the pains of social distancing and lockdowns, the communal experience of weed — smoking it with friends in homes or at a party — has no place in our everyday lives right now.

Sharing marijuana is the most efficient way of sharing highs, usually by splitting a joint or by passing bongs and pipes. While there’s no way of replacing that for the duration of the pandemic, there are ways of navigating around the problem while still staying safe. Here are some suggestions for you and your buds:

Virtual smoke sessions

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This one is kind of predictable. If you’ve had Zoom holiday parties and work parties, you can also have Zoom smoke parties, because why not. In my opinion, the more rules there are in Zoom meetings, the better, since it allows everyone to be on the same frequency. Make it clear to all participants that this is a smoke session, where people can smoke or vape whatever they want, but where consuming weed is kind of mandatory.

Share edibles

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Sharing edibles is a pretty safe way to get high together. Something thoughtful would be to prepare a batch and then share them with a friend, dropping them off at their place and eating them socially distanced. Or, heck, just sharing a batch you made for them to enjoy on their own is equally cool. See also: Want To Stay COVID Free? Don’t Smoke Weed With Others

Different joints, same strain

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If you want to kind of approximate the feeling of having the same high, you and some friends can try smoking the same strain and putting up some safety boundaries. There are many things you can do, whether that’s to plan a Zoom or phone call and talk about your high together, or to smoke apart and then meet up once the smoking is over. You can go on a walk or meet someplace outdoors while wearing masks. Aside from being safe, the strangeness of it all will surely add an edge to your high, which at least is memorable.

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