Edibles are growing significantly in popularity, and are finding their way into all sorts of activities. From exercise, travel, sleep and everything in between, someone is popping an edible and seeing if it enhances the experience. Edibles do, in fact, enhance all sorts of activities (when practiced safely, of course). But they also take time to work their magic.

When it comes to edibles, it’s all about timing. Too soon and you’re high before you want to be. Too late and you’re staring at your watch wishing you ate your gummy sooner and wondering how much longer it will take to feel the effects. While there’s no definitive answer, here are some helpful tricks to enhance your edibles experience.

When You Have a Long Journey Ahead

Best Time: During Pre-Boarding Announcements

Edibles are becoming a companion of the avid traveler. For those who take frequent long flights (five hours or more), or are frequent riders of long buses and trains, edibles can really take the edge off. Even if you aren’t able to sleep, the anxiety and restlessness decreases. Suddenly, looking out your window is interesting, and just like that – you’re at your destination. But timing your edible for a long journey is critical.

Flying During Holidays
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If you have a coast to coast flight or something similar, around 6 hours, then a standard dose edible (between 5 and 10 mg — depending on your tolerance) is perfect. 

Since an edible should last for almost the entirety of your flight, you should want it to kick in just after departure. In order to have that timing, you would need to pop your edible before you prepare to board your train, bus or airplane. This, of course, would involve bringing it through TSA if you are flying. As we reported before, TSA might not be looking for your edibles, but they are under obligation to report them if they find them – so consider yourself warned.

Before the Concert

Best Time: After the Opening Act Plays Their First Song

As we have previously reported, marijuana and music are a wonderful pairing. But you want to make sure your edible is peaking when your favorite songs are playing, not when the opening act takes the stage. While concert security is less concerned with edibles than weapons and hard drugs, you might not want to risk having your edibles confiscated.

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Try and get a detailed schedule, or call the venue to find out when the headliner is scheduled to perform. According to Music Getaway, most opening acts play around 30 minutes, and sometimes a big longer. Figure about 30 minutes of a break between the opening act and the headliner, and you are looking at a little over an hour after you hear the first song by the opening act before you hear the main event. For this reason, try to wait until the opening act has played at least one song before you pop your edible. If edibles take a while to kick in for you, then pop it before you go through security.

Before Bed 

Best Time: Before You Start Your Nightly Routine

More and more people are turning to cannabis in the form of CBD and THC to help with sleeping issues. Edibles are definitely the way to go, as they are long lasting and kick in gradually. Also, no one wants to smell like weed and smoke right after they finish a nightly routine and brushing their teeth.

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Instead, consider popping your edible before you start your evening routine. This way once you are fully winded down your edible will slowly start to reveal its effects. Keep in mind, however, that what you ate for dinner can impact how your edible kicks in. According to Shape.com, “If you have a carb-heavy meal with little fat, expect the edible to take longer to sink in and have a shorter effect. With a fat- and oil-rich meal, the edible will likely kick in sooner and you’ll have a longer-lasting effect in the body.” So make sure you factor in your dinner and dessert into your timing.

A Day In Nature

Best Time: After You Lay Out a Picnic Blanket and Apply Sunscreen

Marijuana is a great way to help you reconnect with nature, and edibles are a great way to unlock this magic. The slow onset, and the long lasting experience can turn a day in the park into a truly mood altering activity. Edibles are ideal not only because they come on slower and last longer, but also because smoking may not be an option.

Many parks are smoke free (this usually includes tobacco and cannabis). In fact, according to American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation literature, there are close to 2,000 parks (and all National Parks) that ban smoking. So edibles are definitely the safe way to go. But when is the best time?

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When it comes to marijuana and a day outdoors, it is important you have everything you need for the day before you get stoned. This means checking you have water, food, sunscreen applied and everything else you need to enjoy your day before you throw caution to the wind. So it is safe to say that once you have unpacked your materials, confirmed you have the necessities, you can officially pop your edible and apply some sunscreen.

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